World of Tanks Black Market – Easy Ways to Get Credits

As Black Market is here, everyone is in a rush to grind credits for the new offers. I will be presenting few lesser known ways on how to get easy credits for the event:

Sell unnecessary items in the depot

Here you can sell your equipment you don’t potentially need, premium consumables and tank modules you don’t use.

Equipment: Selling equipment is potentially a good idea as you can rebuy them at a discount with 50% off specials or with dedicated equipment bundles in the in-game shop.

Premium consumables: If you have a big stock of premium consumables, each one of those will net you 10.000 credits, meaning it can pile up rather fast. However, if you are scared of losing credits, don’t worry. With a 50% consumable discount event you can rebuy those at the same price as you sold them.

Modules: Here all the unmounted modules for your tanks are stored. For example, sell all unused modules that you are not going to be using, like the stock 122mm of the IS-3.  Only keep those who you think are important, for example, switching between the 12.8 and 15cm guns on the Rhm. Borsig.

Shells: Still have some shells for that one tank you sold long time ago? Sell them.


Selling standard and premium tanks

This can be potentially the fastest way of earning large amounts of credits.

Standard tanks: This is the “high risk” option, as the only way to get your standard tanks back is buying them at full price. However, this might be worth it for those who have plenty of tier 8-10 vehicles they don’t play anymore.

Premium tanks: Selling premium tanks gives you a lot more credits than selling equivalent standard tanks, however, just like standard tanks, premium tanks can be recovered. To, at a later date, recover your sold premium tanks, simply go to this screen:

Selling tank styles

Some of these tank styles are worth quite a bit, decide if you want to sell them or not, as these are unrecoverable.

Selling vehicle customization items.

Some non-event paints, camouflages, inscriptions and emblems can be sold, and can build up a decent credit price.


Don’t want to sell anything?

Well then pop a credit booster, hop into a tier 8 vehicle of your choice (best credit earners are cheap standard ammo tanks, such as T26E5).

Best place to earn credits is Strongholds, ask your team captain to pop a Stronghold credit booster, and you can print millions of credits in a matter of an hour.

Good luck, commanders!



6 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market – Easy Ways to Get Credits

  1. Good work, good summary.

    But there must be something very interesting on the black market to clean up his acc from creds so violently

  2. You should be able to sell any inscriptions and emblems, I don’t want the stupid jack-o-lantern, etc but can’t sell them.

  3. You can’t sell tank styles. The text “cannot be sold” is even in that screencap 😐

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