World of Tanks – Massive Bonus Code Giveaway (NA & EU only)

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Alienware is doing another big giveaway, this time it’s for even more goodies.

NOTE: To get the key, you’ll need to reach level 2, this is as easy as joining their forums and liking few posts, and the code is yours!

13 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Massive Bonus Code Giveaway (NA & EU only)

  1. “another big giveaway”

    It’s still the old one. I get the same code as last time, and the rewards are identical. The code is obviously not working. Yeah…way to get our hype up for nothing (last sentence wasn’t meant for Veroxx or other TAP staff)

    1. Old one should have expired by now, there were very little keys left. It really is the same one, sorry, as I thought the old one ended long time ago.

      1. Yeah, didn’t have much hope in the first place. A new successful giveaway so soon after the previous one? Nah, WG don’t play that way 😛

        Aside from that – love how emotes look on night mode. Great job with the website. Keep it up ^^

    1. Thank you so much 2th, this linked worked for me!!!!
      Remember guys, each code you get is only one time useable! I had to log in twice with different emails to get two codes for my accounts.

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