World of Tanks Supertest – Berlin Map changes (Amazing visual overhaul!)


Today, in the supertest, testing of the Berlin map will continue. The gameplay component of the map has not changed, but visually the map received a significant rework.



7 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – Berlin Map changes (Amazing visual overhaul!)

    1. Only Maps that tomato Heavy Tank players like btw – so WG gives the ‘W’ key Premium Tier 8 easy play HT players City/ corridor’s over and over and over … and over and over … and over, and over.. and over and over

  1. It’s like a war movie about nothing. Visually good, although many elements are repeating old ones. Will see how it plays.

  2. I know “balance” wise doing a map is not easy but then…. More of the same? Yeah is bigger…. Better? Maybe! But what about something different?
    Phillipines for example… During the war that was a major bastion for the japanese and then the Americans took it! Why not a map based in one of the islands? Deep mountain… plenty of rocks and bushes to please everyone! Doing something novel you know?

  3. WG are now total crap at making good ‘unique’ Maps and this just proves it

    at least in this god awful HT City Map with just pressing ‘W’ with 1000mm of frontal/ turret armour well it wont work everywhere! it looks like the endless corridors are quite open, with big wide spaces

    A bit like a ‘thinking mans’ HT player City Map (big lol – thinking lol
    So I imagine 75% of HT players will ‘block this Map’ as to difficult to learn/ play

    hmm, maybe that’s a good thing?

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