World of Tanks – Twitch Prime Pack “Mike” Contents

The penultimate set of Twitch Prime for World of Tanks will be released on January 30th. After 2 months, the annual collaboration between Twitch and Wargaming will be terminated.

In the new Twitch Prime set which is French themed we will have a “bearded” French commander, 2 premium tank rentals (likely to be ELC EVEN 90 and Lorraine 40 t), enriched with x5 sets and a commemorative medal.

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17 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Twitch Prime Pack “Mike” Contents

  1. I hope they renew their contract with Twitch. The commanders come in very handy starting a new tank/line. I wish they didn’t ‘expire’ unless recruited, but that’s something I can live with for a free commander. I remember reading that if the collaboration were to terminate, people who had the King Tiger in their Garage, would get to keep it. So that’s one up-side.

  2. “After 2 months, the annual collaboration between Twitch and Wargaming will be terminated.” Does this mean we can finally keep the King Tiger (C) forever without prime?

      1. Of course you can’t read as it is usual.

        At the beginning WG said that after the collab ended players will keep the King Tiger C

        1. It would still be bound to a twitch prime account, I assume. I’d rather buy the tank the old fashioned way.

          1. Yes. They said whoever keeps an active twitch account during the promotion gets to keep the tank after it ends since it will already be paid for via the deal they made with twitch.

  3. The real reason why WG and Twitch is probably because “Wargaming isn’t meeting our expectations anymore”

    Good, this means a dying game is dying faster.

    1. Or (i know this sounds crazy and completely not standard to businesses practices) They had a contract that ends after a year.

  4. Wonder what they’ll do after Zulu…

    Also having November in February is a big missed opportunity…

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