World of Tanks – Compensation for DDoS Attack

Note: This offer for now appears to be RU server only, we will keep you updated if this changes

Surviving DDoS embled

Dear players!

The DDoS attack we reported last week continues.

We took a number of protective measures, which allowed us to reduce the negative effect. But on certain peripherals at certain intervals, lags and disconnections from the server can still occur.

We understand the discomfort that you have to experience and we prepared compensation for the inconvenience. All players who enter the game from January 24, 09:00 AM (GMT) to January 30, 09:00 AM (GMT) will be credited with 3 days of Premium Tank account.

As soon as we completely eliminate the negative manifestations of the DDoS attack, all players will receive a set of 6 “Surviving DDoS” emblems in memory of opposing the attack.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Compensation for DDoS Attack

  1. Given the big playerbase and the amount of changes done (and the ones coming up) i am kinda surprised it only happened once in a decade. At least that we know of.

    Russian hackers are kinda infamous for braking whatever they want to brake… so i can only assume the ‘good will’ which kept them from doing so has an all time low? Either that or someone is a bit nuts.

    1. Just today I read Ubisoft Sue’s an Ddos provider from Germany.

      Apparently an attack costs as little as 150€

      1. Ive seen some that are cheaper, however they all depend on other things than just costs, ao ita hard to tell which are effective and which ones just kick and fail.

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