19 thoughts on “New TAP is Online!

  1. I find the Fond very jagged and hard to read (despite 125% zoom).
    As far as i can tell the fond is TIMES ROMAN, when AERIAL would make it a lot more clear.

    Your times vs AERIAL

    Your times on those backgrounds (see the issue?)

    Times is not the kind of fond you want to use on a black background.
    Also the white isn’t gone… – try to read your site on your phone in a 100% dark room, the white still stings.

    My first comparison also has white lettering, but the fond is more clear cut AND the contrast between the white and the background isn’t as strong, which makes for a smoother ‘big picture’.

    My second comparison is from my openoffice/wps reader (phone app) which i use to read all sorts of stuff. The white is 100% gone! You got black letters on a more smooth colored background.

    I would take bets that either of those styles would win the race against the current fond. I already feel like having to squint my eyes ;(

  2. I thought dark mode was a joke until I turned it off and pulled every eye muscle in my face… Oww…

  3. The dark mode makes it worth it already. I only browse this website on my phone, this is great.

  4. Looks like I can’t access the new site on mobile with the Duckduckgo browser. It always redirects me to the old WordPress site even after clearing the cache.

  5. I like what you have done with the place! very nice to see an improvement,

    I would like a grey background to be honest with you for the dark mode, easy on the eyes for me.

  6. I really appreciate both the clean, no nonsense aesthetic and the new dark mode. Bravo!

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