World of Tanks – Fan tech tree: Switzerland

Hello, Commanders.

Today we break with all norms and offer you something rather unusual instead of specials and offers: a fan research tree. Just to be clear, no, there are no plans to bring it into the game, or generally to bring another nation into the game. But sometimes it’s just fun to let your imagination run wild. I’m sure that’s what Mizutayio thought, who is behind this concept for a Swiss research tree.

In addition to a good portion of creativity, one thing has also gone into this masterpiece, a great deal of research work, because the research tree certainly has potential and is based on real vehicles and real working prototypes. A work that deserves more attention and which we want to honour with this article. And who knows, maybe one day the Mutz will not be the only one rolling through the mountains of World of Tanks.

Speaking of the Panzer 58. Why has this premium tank not yet made it into your research tree? That would make sense. The Rudy now has the option of flying a Polish flag. So the Mutz would be a good candidate for, right?

“This has a good reason, there is a better candidate, the actual Panzer 58 prototype on which the Mutz is based: The so-called KW 30 1957 (short KW 30/57) It has certain differences to the Mutz, on the one hand these are side skirts, on the other hand it is the absence of the loader cupola and a few smaller differences in the chassis, the hull and the appearance of the gun.”

In this case, the Germans can probably really keep the Mutz. Besides, the Swiss tree should be something unique. Before we take a closer look at it, how about introducing yourself? How long have you been with World of Tanks? And where does the enthusiasm for Swiss tanks come from?

“My ingame name as mentioned above is Mizutayio, real name Joris Peier. Proud Swiss and currently 24 years old. I have already written a couple of detailed articles about individual Swiss tanks on I’ve been playing World of Tanks since 2013 and the enthusiasm for Swiss tanks came as soon as I learned that we were building and using tanks. The idea to create a Swiss research tree came some time ago, version 1.0 was ready by the end of 2015. But it was completely without own research, had only 3 lines (Tank destroyers, mediums and artillery) and was based on the work of another player I still work with today.”

You can clearly see the work of four years in this tech tree proposal. By now, each class has its own vehicle and even wheeled tanks have made it into your tree as a separate branch. The new subclass of light tanks is quite controversial, but it seems to fit in well with yours. Maybe this would be an approach to bring more Swiss Tanks into the game. Can they stand up to the French? And where would you place the Swiss tree in general in comparison with the other nations?

“The Swiss tree would be a mix between several nations. The light tanks would be similar to the Germans, the medium tanks would be somewhere between the Germans and the Americans: better armored than the Leopard line vehicles but not as fast but faster than the Patton line vehicles but not as well armored. The Tank destroyers are like the StuGs of the Germans, but with better mobility and bigger guns. The heavy tanks are similar to the chieftains in concept, but with worse turret armor. I can only compare the wheeled tanks with the French at the moment, and I can only say that the Swiss wheeled tanks have smaller wheels and larger vehicles, so they should be easier to hit. “

Some people would be very happy about wheeled vehicles that are easier to hit. So you would have some of the community on your side. As mentioned in the beginning, there are no developments towards a new nation at the moment. First of all, double-gun tanks are on the horizon. Did you also find some double-gun tanks for the Swiss tech tree?

“There are hardly any double gun tanks per se, the only one I found would be similar to the VT1. But special mechanics would be possible, e.g. rocket launchers or coaxial 20-35 mm cannons.”

Rocket launchers in World of Tanks … I will suggest it to the developers. And while I’m at it, is there a tank in your tree that should make it into the game without a new nation? So if you could wish for a tank, which one would it be and why exactly?

Of all the tanks in my fan-tree a must have would be the Typhoon tank destroyer and if it needs to be more conventional, the Panzerkanone 1


Big thanks to RagingRaptor for translating this.