World of Tanks – Global Map event POSTPONED!

We have an important message.
Due to potential external technical issues, starting the Global Map Dawn of Industry event on January 16 could provide a less-than-comfortable and enjoyable gameplay experience.
Launching a large-scale event when even a single battle may impact the outcome is a really big risk. Possible technical errors may lead to a loss of progress in the event, which, in turn, would affect reward distribution and delivery.
Taking these factors into account, we decided to delay the event until February 13. Please accept our sincere apology for this delay.
We truly appreciate your understanding and patience.
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0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Global Map event POSTPONED!

    1. What exactly are you supposed to be compensated for? The event hasn\’t begun yet so there are no grounds for compensation, as for events, the only thing you can expect this month is public test and with a big maybe, 3rd season of ranked battles.

      1. Compensated… i booked holiday off of work so i could play. They now say 1 day before start of the clan wars… That\’s lost holiday from work that I can\’t get back. That\’s why it\’s BS and some people are asking for compensation.

        1. This is what i meant veroxx, i was not clear on that, my bad.
          Got my plans rescheduled for the clan wars event week.

          1. Well, sorry that you couldn\’t waste your time on the game over the week, but at least you can now enjoy time with your family πŸ™‚

              1. Not necessarily, I did call investing time into the game as a \”waste\” that could be spent on much better things like family πŸ™‚ But I do see where you get the idea from.

                1. For alot of people this game is a big part of their lives and enjoy playing with friends.I have a friend who i met in Tanks that came to visit me here in Africa from Europe.Also many people have worked hard in planning tactics setting up teams and recruiting for Campaign.So telling people its a waste of time while you are a blogger of the same game????See where im coming from

                  1. Fair enough, the wasting time statement was a bit over the top. Sorry to have offended you and anyone else who might have taken that in a negative way. I just hope whoever you are, you will spend the remainder of the week having fun and doing something truly meaningful in your life, whatever it is πŸ™‚

        2. that\’s just miserable…AGAIN
          not only that the holiday is \”wasted\” but next month when CW should finally start guess what…you can not get another holiday !

          Sure, this can be fixed…just give to everyone a tier X reward tank available for 4k bonds and everything is ok. πŸ˜‰

        3. While it may be an inconvenience/annoyance for you and others who have made plans, but how can you expect a company to \’compensate\’ you for a change in their event for which they never asked you to make whatever plans you did. Participation in such events is optional, and you are not under any kind of duress or threat to participate. Also loss of income due to such optional participation cannot be expected to be compensated unless you had a specific contract of indemnity with WG.

      1. Im actually from a 3rd world country. I know investing time on games is bad but hey, if you enjoy/love it you gotta stay with it

  1. I\’ve spent the last few weeks since the event was announced playing the game because I run a clan in Asia. I\’ve spent quite a lot of money buying premium accounts and so on in anticipation of the event. I\’ve even been playing arty so that I can grind my tier x. But, it\’s a game, and I did all this by choice. I could have played another game, and I could have spent time with my family or cleaning the road or anything more valuable. The idea that anyone needs to apologize for saying the game is a waste of time is ridiculous. Of course it\’s a waste of time. The point of games is that they waste time.
    No one asked you to play Clan War, and no one told you to spend money. I am, however, quite disappointed and I worry that if the problems are a problem now, why would they not be a problem in February?

    1. This sums it all up. Thanks man. English is not my first language so i have difficulty expressing my ideas and thoughts on the topic. It\’s quite downheartening when someone says wasting time on a game is a bad habit.

  2. Wargaming does everything to mess up their player base.
    No wonder the numbers are shrinking and shrinking.
    Why do they suddenly have the idea about 24hb before it should have started?

  3. I actually applaud WG for postponing the event rather than taking a chance at a royal mess mid event.
    Could you all imagine the blowout of catastrophic failure mid event?

    Regarding people demanding compensation, sue them.

    Understand, WG acted super responsibly here. They saved all the players and themselves a super tanker\’s worth of problems.

    Bravo WG!!!
    I hope you fix the issues, and come Feb 13th, 11 days of CW where the players & Clans make the results, not errors.

    1. Applauding for taking the second worst possible decision and not the worst… Nice.

      To come to this point they have to have made about everything wrong until yesterday and then decided to do exactly one thing ride.

      It is not to be applauded it was their last option.

      1. Dude, they obviously messed up.
        But had they gone one with the campaign, it would have been worse.
        So I applaud their decision to not screw up people mid campaign.
        Could you imagine going say 3-4 or 4-5 days into the campaign, and then have glitches that wipe progress, or similar? What would you say then?

        1. Like I said.
          Applauding for choosing not the worst possible of all options to prevent event more outrage.

  4. To all the comments above talking about what I said…

    I\’m 26, most of my family is dead, and those few that are left alive I only generally see once a year at max because it costs too much. I have a stressful medical based job where If I mess up people could die as a result… So yes I waste my time playing computer games in my free time, because it\’s better than being sat out alone in the rain wondering how I\’m going to pay my bills.

    I wasn\’t saying WG need to give compensation to everybody but I can certainly understand where people asking for it are coming from. After all a big company like Wargaming should be better at giving notice, and even a small sorry of say 1 premium day wouldn\’t hurt them. Gestures count, constantly disappointing their customer base is just bad business.

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