World of Tanks Patch 1.7.1 Test Server – Opens Tomorrow January 17th

The common test of patch 1.7.1  has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Friday, January 17th. We are waiting for the downloads to be ready in the afternoon, and the opening of the servers in the late evening.

You can download the General Test only through the WGC.
If the Common Test is already installed through the WGC, just update it.
If you have WGC, but there is no Common Test client installed, just use this hidden code in the game center itself:

Source: WoTClue

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  1. Gamemodels3d datamined the 1.7.1 test already. Somethings to note:

    1. The stock 85mm guns on the IS-2-II aren\’t unplayable anymore. They have 212 base pen and 238 premium pen for 180 alpha damage. Really not bad for a stock gun. Certainly better than the 120mm base pen, 161 APCR pen that it was going to be stuck with in supertest. It would have been, BY FAR, the worst tier 8 stock configuration in the game.

    2. The Object 703 II [the 100mm version] got the prices of its shells slightly adjusted. That might mean WG plans on just selling that tank soon for people who didn\’t want to get a double barrel premium from the christmas lootboxes. This makes the 122mm version still a christmas lootbox exclusive… which is fine because the 100mm version actually looks quite a bit better [which may not actually be a good thing as far as game balance goes].

    3. The Object 752 [tier 9 Soviet autoloading heavy] is in the game files now too. It has a completley idiotic hull armor scheme with very hard to hit \”weakspots\” that are hard to see, and a boat shaped hull. However, it has two REALLY big cupolas [by soviet standards] that are really not well armored, and are on an oscillating turret so they can\’t be hidden by using gun depression either. Also the side armor has this weird bulge coming under where the turret is; its hidden by the suspension but if you know its there you can still pen it in spite of the boat shaped side hull.

  2. If it is possible for someone to post a photo of the tech tree with the xp required for the new tanks (for those who can not or not able to.)
    Please and thank you. 😁

    1. If I recall correctly, someone said at some point on Reddit that the tier 8 takes around 53k XP to research, branching off of KV-3.

      I\’ll look for it and come back as soon as I have the actual numbers.

  3. KV3 is one of the easiest tanks to grind in the game, one of those hidden dirty russian stats is it gets top tier in some 90% of battles, and when fully upgraded can easily hold its own against tier 8s anyway.
    I ground 100k xp in it and I don’t think I saw tier 9s once, and the grind was extremely fast.

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