WoWS – Clan Battles season VIII

The new Season of Clan Battles starts on January 22 and ends on March 9. The battles will be in the “7 vs 7” format with tier X ships. There can be no more than 1 Battleship per team and no aircraft carriers.

Battles will be fought on the Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, Crash Zone Alpha, Mountain Range, Land of Fire, and North maps in the Domination mode.

The Season’s feature is that a cyclone is guaranteed to appear on the maps Mountain Range, Land of Fire and North. Unlike in Random Battles, in the new season of Clan Battles, the cyclone obeys strict rules:

  • It begins 5 minutes after the beginning of the battle;

  • 1 minute into the cyclone being active, spotting range reaches its lowest point – 12 km;

  • 6 minutes after the beginning of the cyclone, the spotting range will start returning to standard values over the course of 2 minutes, finally ending the cyclone 8 minutes after it began.

Such settings and strictly defined conditions for the occurrence of the cyclone will diversify the gameplay and tactics of both teams by encouraging close-quarters combat. A spotting range of 12 km will not allow cruisers with the Surveillance Radar consumable to detect enemy ships while they themselves remain outside of spotting range.

Text and sound notifications for the beginning of a cyclone, as well as for the point of minimum spotting distance during the cyclone, were added.