World of Tanks – Introducing Tank Nuts, our First-Ever Podcast


Today, we’re extremely proud to introduce our first-ever podcast, Tank Nuts! Hosted by Richard Cutland—a 30 years veteran of the British Army that you might have met in our “Inside the Tanks” video series—Tank Nuts is an in-depth conversation with the best guests of the armoured world, including historians, authors, stuntmen, veterans, celebrities and everything in-between.

And for our very first episode, we’re honored to welcome Jim Dowdall to the show. You may not know his name, but you certainly have seen his movies! With 40 years of experience in the entertainment business, Jim is credited on more than 200 hundred movies on IMDb and has worked on the set of The Dirty Dozen, Where Eagles Dare, nine James Bond movies, The PianistSaving Private Ryan and more recently, Fury! A Tank Nut in his own right, Jim is also a huge World War II collector and he even gave lectures at the Imperial War Museum.

Listen to or watch his conversation with Richard right now! Don’t forget to subscribe to Tank Nuts on your favourite podcast platforms (we’re available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and many more) and let us know what you think about Tank Nuts down below.

3 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Introducing Tank Nuts, our First-Ever Podcast

  1. Just fix the game please WOT needs work, lots of work

    the bad Maps
    the (still) bad MM
    at times almost 100% Gold spam due to +-2 MM (Wargame looking at YOU) cannot pen +2 Tanks
    the (endless, endless spam of T8 Premium Tanks) stop! and fix bloody game

    1. John, I respect you for being a long time reader, but please refrain from offensive opinions and extreme language. As long as you don\’t use curse words to keep the comments section PG, I am fine with everything, even slandering the developers in a polite manner.

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