World of Tanks – Experience Required to Unlock All New Double Barreled Tanks

Remember, numbers are still a work in progress and might change (although considering past tests, they are unlikely)

The experience showed is only when directly skipping every single tank straight into the next tier, without researching unnecessary modules to save XP.

Listed numbers represent the tank to be researched = base XP cost for the research of the new vehicle / how much does the entire grind to go directly to the vehicle costs (e.g 236k XP needed on IS-2-II when researching IS-3-II)

IS-2-II = 51.300 ex. – This experience can be accumulated in advance on KV-3.
IS-3-II = 165.400 ex. (For the tank) /236.300 ex. (with the necessary modules)
ST-II = 217.000 ex. (for the tank) /544.100 ex. (with the necessary modules)

In total: 544.100 exp. We highly recommend (based on preliminary XP values) to save up 51.3k XP on the KV-3 to have IS-2-II researched on day 1, and at least 50k to skip horrendous stock grind on the IS-2-II (Twin 85mm guns at tier 8).

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  1. you only need 51k xp to unlock the is2II? really? i already have 57k…. i thought that i need like 90k at least

    1. I tought it would be 115k xp for it, so I got 113k xp in the KV-3, plus 250k free xp, plus 547 universal BP fragments and 74 national USSR BP fragments. Guess I\’ll be unlocking the ST-II in day one 🙂

      1. good for you. my problem is that i don\’t have free xp, i grind ebr nightmare in the same time…. so it will be bad for me.

    2. TOTAL xp is of course higher…the reason why the tank itself costs only around 50k is because it probably have a lot of modules to research…wich in total equals to about 100k

  2. I think everybody that reached tier10 in the HolidayOps has around 60 Russian blueprinds and many universal blueprints. Researching the lines this way will be easy (for many) but grinding to upgrade the modules will be quite difficult I suppose.
    Can someone see in blueprints how many are needed for tier8, tier9 and tier10?

  3. I meant how many sets, like (12+4) * 8? *10? *12
    I have everything researched and I can\’t see how many fragments a blueprint consists of.

  4. Is there a way to get Universal Blueprints? I have more than enough country blueprints but not the universal ones.

    1. Yes. You get universal blueprints through reward for merit, if you haven\’t noticed. You usually get them when obtaining a blueprint fragment for a tank you own, then an animation plays and it transforms into a universal blueprint

    2. Funny how things go. I have hardly any nation blueprints besides the 60 per nation we got for the Holiday Ops, but nearly a 1000 universal ones for which I had absolutely zero use until now.

    1. As previously reported:
      The Crew of all three double-barreled vehicles consists of five crew members:

      Commander (Radio Operator)
      Two Loaders

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