World of Tanks Supertest – IS-2 Screened


Hey, tankers!

Do you hear that sound? It’s the IS-2S screened, a tier VII Soviet heavy, rolling (no, it’s literally paving its way) onto this year’s first Supertest!

As you can presume, the vehicle is akin to the IS-2 featuring a flat glacis plate, but with a major difference, namely screens providing extra protection against HEAT and HE rounds. Yet you have to pay for good things, and in case of the IS-2S screened, the trade-off is its slightly decreased dynamics.

When in battle, the IS-2S screened shows the classic approaches characteristic of a regular researchable IS. The increased protection allows for better resistance to enemy attacks, while the lowered dynamics will hardly affect the overall performance. Also, don’t forget the heavy’s gun with its noteworthy alpha while its unique appearance will undoubtfully make your IS-2S screened stand out in the battlefield.


0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – IS-2 Screened

  1. Could this be connected to this year\’s PVE mode or maybe a reward for it? They were talking about it being a Berlin attack scenario and the Russians used makeshift spaced armour like this at the end of the war a lot.

      1. oh really??
        sir, you never learn… to NEVER underestimate WG greed ! 🙂

        of course this is the next p2w tank ! Thats what WoT needs…not something like..balance maybe…
        NOT !
        just another BETTER p2w is2..just better than standard one

        1. It\’s a copy paste of the IS-2 with screens that will prematurely detonate HE. How you think this is going to be OP is beyond me, especially since it\’s stuck using the 122mm and can\’t use the 100mm.

          It\’s a mediocre tank at best.

          1. not OP, just P2W
            that means just better than standard one

            and how is not like this when it simply get extra armor??

            1. It’s 4 kph slower than the regular IS, has slower hull and turret traverse, and 10 m less viewrange. Seems like it gives up quite a bit to get that extra armor (and it’s likely to be very little extra armor in reality as it (1) is only mesh screens, and (2) doesn’t protect the lower plate). I’m rather WG release this than “Defender 2.0“.

              1. usually those disadvantages are so insignifiant or on such non-important parameters that you can never count them as disadvantages…and here is our problem.
                on paper any tank have disadvantages, including the well known moronic Defecter. But in reality..? Not even close…

                i really HOPE that you are right…

            2. The standard IS with the 100mm is way better than all these premium clones stuck with the 122 even if they do get a little bit of HE protection.

  2. Yet another premium tank and a Soviet ofc.I want to puke every time i see a new premium tank really getting fedup with WG not focusing on game balance,maps and even existing maps where some of the ridges and rocks are bugged.

  3. Possibly connected to the upcoming Berlin map. But seriously, how many IS-2s does WG wanna release?

    1. I sense a lack of belief in your statement. There is never enough Soviet glory in this game to stomp all the worthless fascist boxtanks & capitalist pigtanks. Now suck it comrade and hand over your shekels to WG.

    1. p2w with other words??
      just better than standard one…because why not, right?
      To carry games AND make money AND train crews AND make some xp eventually…RIGHT?

  4. How many IS tanks we have in Tier 7? The techtree one, Chinese IS-2, IS-2 Berlin, IS-2M, and now this?

  5. \”Yet you have to pay for good things, and in case of the IS-2S screened, the trade-off is its slightly decreased dynamics.\”

    \”the lowered dynamics will hardly affect the overall performance\”

    Sooo…not even hiding it anymore?

    1. If those leaked stats are real, then I feel like it will matter in flexibility, although not in brawling. 4 kph makes a real difference when flexing to different parts of the map. Plus, unlike the regular IS, it doesn’t look like it has those track blocks as extra armor.

  6. When oh when will you humanoids who think that russian tank paper stats will match game performance learn?.
    It’s been HOW MANY russian premium tanks thus far?….
    They look average plain jane, turn out to be greatest tanks ever made.
    #russianmagik #russianbias #russiannumbergenerator #moscowmatchmaking
    Just got 100k xp in my KV3…how DID it get to be top tier 90% of the battles?.
    Only the vodka knows. And me.

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