24 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Happy New Year from World of Tanks!

  1. Hmm… no code like for WOWS at the end of the video!! Oh well… Happy new year to all the tankers and TAP.

  2. Happy new year girls and boys!

    I have a feeling that this will be the last one for WoT.

    1. Well, you’re not right, as next year will be exciting, and so will be the next one 🙂

      1. Like really, these people saying literally every single year “this is it for wot” are like the doomsday cultists and current climate cultists “We’ve only got X amount of years left!!!!!”

        1. @True Survivor: a good New Years promise to yourself is to stop posting driveling nonsense and find treatment for your dyslexia.

          1. My dear xenophobic friend!

            It looks like you should visit an optometrist as soon as possible since you have issues reading the comments judging by what you wrote.

    2. Lol. Unless Wargaming is about to go bankrupt, WOT servers should keep running for many years yet. Game balance may not ever return though. WOT is a real cash cow for them, so much so that the War Planes servers are still running and its funding new games like the upcoming FPS and whatnot.

      1. They are going bankrupt. Let’s see which server that close for good in 2020. My bet is NA.

        1. That’s not WG going bankrupt. That’s just good economic sense (to close/merge the NA server) if the NA server is not going to make it on its own (and keep losing money). Servers require a minimum population of players to be viable (I don’t know what that number is and it doesn’t account for Bots). I really don’t see it as a real issue. Eventually, in years to come WOT will probably be limited to its very core audience, but that’s the way of all MMOs.

  3. All the best for 2020 to the Armored Patrol folks – thank you for the incredible job you’re doing, keep up the high quality – and to all you chatty people who still care for the World of Tonks and its ugly cousins 😀 (I play them all too much)

  4. Yes a happy New Year us forum moderators!

    A word of friendly advice, behave and don’t be rude, name and shame or indulge in other unacceptable behaviors.

    [ I moderate TAP as well. ]

  5. We had a code for players for New Year 2020happynewyear.

    It worked for 5 players. Then got disabled.

    The other 15,000 can go fuck themselves.

  6. Is that a Chieftain in the video? 😀

    Happy new year to TAP and the lurkers, let this decade be better than the trash we left behind.

  7. When even the CEO tells you to get off the game and go visit your family…

  8. Has anyone else noticed the chieftain Mk 6 at the top right of the picture? Possible bond shop tank or black market tank????

    1. Don\’t worry about it, Chieftain isn\’t going to come. It has always been teased for years.

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