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      1. Indeed. The only thing I hope they change is that schedule to start the black market 6.00 am.

  1. Black Market is not your friend, and there is very little positive in rage-selling over-hyped and overpriced tanks. It denies you opportunity to think before clicking and wasting money, usually ridiculous money, even if it’s silver/gold you already have. Remember, they sell you air, pixels, nothing real, and for inflated price.

    WG can just sell you the tanks you so desire, but as long you jump when the Black Market bell rings, you are under control, why fix broken old premium tanks? Why sell normally for silver or gold? Idiots will rush at 6 AM to buy at reflex. Like Pavlovian dogs.

      1. It’s really not “something” we could easily assume that it will happen again this year given the popularity and money made from last year so sometime int the 366 days out of this year is no more information than common sense could have deduced to begin with lol.

    1. Comments about ‘spending money on pixels’ or even non ‘tangible objects is annoying and stupid.
      That entire notion is pure madness, a few for example;
      ANY and ALL video games

      It’s entertainment.
      Pure and simple.
      It’s just numbing and sadly funny about comments and fools complaining about spending money on items that are not tangible.
      If someone has spent money on any of the above listed items, they clearly must be fools by the logic so prevalent, especially by WOT players. Always complaining.

      1. It’s not the principle of buying pixels/entertainment I am protesting, it’s the way it’s done. There is in-game shop, there is another (why?) shop at WG site, the only reason to blackmarket is pressure-selling, given time to think most people would decline overpriced offers, but rushed, they pay.

        Next thing to have is western-style-auctions, fast speaking sleazebag and fast buyers… At 800% the price.

        1. I enjoyed the BM last time. I bought the Caernavon AX and Foch 155 for silver.

          I converted consumables and emblems that I wasn’t using to buy both.

          As long as everyone has an opportunity to buy I am OK with it.

    2. You should have known that black market sell premiums for credits. It is indeed a chance for f2p players to get their first premium or extend their collections, with less time devoted (e.g marathon).

  2. The fact that it will return is not exactly news. I’m pretty sure they also mentioned it during their Christmas stream one or two weeks ago.

    The real question is “when” and “what will be sold”

  3. Captain Obvious, wth does next year mean? obviously it will be a black market in 2020 again, but when damn it, wheeen??

  4. seem you guys targeting eekeeboo for some reason but ngl he is the one confirmed the e75ts release to me back when the renegade marathon still running btw,saying whatever you like but remember that all WG’s employee are under NDA contract which prevent them revealing too much info about the upcoming events . On the top of that during the last day of ingame calendar sale there is rumor about black market sale at the end of 2019 which completely being denied by this simple chat conversation just sayin

  5. of course its next year only…just think a bit
    advent p2w calendar ends in 2 Jan..so BM could not be earlier
    n 14 starts CW….so 99% wont be 2 big events going on same dates

    conclussion : BM will be between 2-3 Jan and 13-14
    after CW…

  6. So let me get this straight: eekeeboo is basically saying what I’ve been saying since that vid was released? What a surprise.

  7. And I’ll be at work during the opening times, or the rarest tanks will sell out in seconds because there are so few offered, which is faster than the lag I get when connected to server…

    Patrons need their own rewards!!!!.

  8. This was the lamest Holiday season for wot ever. First Halloween was canceled . Then no patch for Christmas with tech tree tanks. And no event for New Years . Love how everyone thought black market would come for New Years . Im so done not spending a dime on this bs game this year wargaming cares nothing about us . No new tanks on advent. No rewards for players who have the tankrewards rewards. Love how wargaming screws its players who buy the tanks when they come out and offer nothing new for us . GG wargaming way to support the players who pay to support the game . Had it with your empty bs promised . DONE.

    1. I have to agree that the Advent calendar was pretty lame this year. All of the tanks on offer (apart from a few recent releases) regularly appear in the Premium store.

  9. IMPORTANT! this is not true. Please stop use photoshopped chat logs.

    Be kind to each other and good luck on the battlefield!


  10. I had around 17.200.000 Credits before the Xmas holidays event

    Then once the Xmas boxes were available to buy in the Premium Shop bought some Large Xmas boxes like most of us did

    after opening all my Large Xmas boxes I had another
    11.700.000 Credits + 29.700 Gold + 17 x 2 hour 50% Credit Boosters

    Week with playing with 50% Credit’s from the Christmas Tree + Large Xmas Boxes 50% Credit boosters

    I now have an impressive to me anyway 38,270,000 Credits

    I DONT NEED GOLD NOW … for rest of year 2020
    I DONT NEED CREDITS NOW … for rest of year 2020

    THIS is what Wargame is aiming its BLACK MARKET with over inflated very expensive prices and on purpose

    So simple really .. to relieve from my nice comfort zone / then Wargame hope to start me spending with my Credit Card real money in the Premium Shop over and over

  11. well i have 65mio creds meanwhile (without many boxes), just by events and playing, don’t know what to do with them as i have all tier 10 tanks and there is nothing to buy for me…
    WT100 would be the only tank worth it and only achievable by black market, BUT will would not WG ban these tanks!?

    1. Only Ban the “sale” of them within WOT Client & Premium Shop in later days/ months/ years

      The British Death Star is a good example along with the French Foch auto loader TD, both T10 Premiums now
      Both were in last years Black Market 2019

      And can still be played until WG *ucks up WOT (never know with these Russian, Ukrainians) and WOT finishes ~ until then these and other T10 Premiums are if you have them? playable whenever you want

    2. Just buy a ton of crew books then. 2 mil each. Its what I do when I first get a crew to 100%. Give em BIA and sixth sense so you don’t need to retrain BIA later.

  12. Fake News – this doesnt say anything about Black Market coming again. Black Market is also a racist word and should not be used!!

  13. So, it might make sense (in a perverted way) to buy 1 more 75 box pack, and pray for a few tier 8’s to be stocked with gold to get a crack at the Type 59 G again. I got one on my NA account, now time for EU account.
    Before you say it is a waste of money, I don’t give a f. BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  14. foch or t10 got premium but are “common” tanks for me. WT100 was removed as op and i don’t think it will ever come into game as premium tank (or maybe nerfed as hell).
    Crew books is a good idea btw did not realize you could buy them lol

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