WoT EU – New Specials for a New Year


January is almost here, and with it comes a bunch of great specials. For the first month of 2020, we will have a nice mix of brand-new and iconic in-game events. Here, let’s take a look at our plan for the upcoming month:

January Specials

x4 XP for each vehicle’s first win!

4–6 January: Start the year on the right foot with this special, which offers you a sweet bonus on your first victory of the day, with each vehicle.


x4 XP on your first win of the day


 x2 XP for each win!

11–13 January: Let the winning streak continue with our second special,  it’s sure to enhance all of your upcoming victories.


Double XP on ALL your victories


Cooling Down

14–20 January: We ate a lot, we partied a lot, and now it’s time to cool down with a nice little special, featuring plenty of rewards.


Win Consumables, Personal Reserves and a piece of Equipment


XP Fever

18-20 January: The fever rises for the first time in 2020, and this special is still the perfect way to get your hands on these precious little stars!


Large sums of XP up for grabs


New Crew Bootcamp

25–27 January: Get your Garage in order for the new year thanks to this special, which features plenty of ways to organize your crews and vehicles!


Great discounts on Barrack and Garage Slots

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  1. Noo they never said they would and even the video stated whats upcoming for the new YEAR for crying out loud… if you hope for that you would have to wait for russian new year

    1. I understand that, but I was only asking because it is 25th and there was a speculation and an article with the dates on TAP. then again, they were speculations so shouldn’t have hoped too much.. anyways Merry Christmas and have a good holiday ahead!! 🙂

    1. Yes, sadly these miserable and absolutely despicable players always comes like Christmas presents which you really don’t want. Too many games over in under 3 minutes.

      And the cheating is ever rampant while
      WG doesn’t do a thing as long as the cheater is “profit”

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