WoT – 24th December micropatch

Mods will stay intact.

• Error due to the lack of texture compression for the 3D Panzerschiff style for the Jagdpanzer E 100.
• An error due to which a tooltip for a large decoration is not displayed when opening a small box.
• A bug due to which the emblems and inscriptions are mixed up on the screen of the awards for collecting the Christmas and Magic collections of 2019.
• Some other technical errors.

0 thoughts on “WoT – 24th December micropatch

      1. Veroxx – Are we still getting the Black Market on the 25th??? I have not seen a word/rumour anywhere in the last few days. Thanks.

        1. I never said we were getting it, I said it’s possible that WG might add something that’d get rid of excess gold for good (WT E-100 being a prime candidate). Honestly, don’t get your hopes up, the screenshots might have been fabricated.

          1. I understand. Personally I don’t care for over-priced gold tanks/Tier 10s, but would love to get my hands on some Tier 8 premiums for credits like before. I also doubt the BM will be here so soon. Most likely after the holiday ops are finished. Thanks for the reply as always. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

            1. Wait for tomorrow, Dec 25th, WG are going to “we’re breaking the rules to add a final and rare vehicle”

  1. i just hope that will be something for gold on 25 at 7 PM….
    is the only date wich i cant use in time

    1. Mate, I know this sounds very shady, but if you need someone to be online on your account, I can give you a hand (as soon as I log out of my own account, at least).

      In any case – I won’t feel bad if you don’t trust me (it’s natural after all), but if you do believe you need help with that, drop me a message at pami.project@gmail.com so we can talk privately.

      In any case – gl with the advent calendar :3

  2. The (at random times) frequent high Ping on the internet connection for buggy lagggy play?

    the back to how it used to be shit T8 MM v T10’s when servers are busy (like Sunday 170k players

    or don’t these count?

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