World of Tanks – Waffentrager auf E-100 (G)

Whether this tank will be released is still unknown. Estimated (potential) release date on December 25th.

The tank is still an unconfirmed rumour. Don’t get too excited until official news

32 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Waffentrager auf E-100 (G)

  1. Frankly, im already scared to shit ๐Ÿ™‚ Bringing this Monster back into the game, not sure if its such a good idea…

    1. This tank was not op when the game was normal on today meta its usls,it’s the same like fv4005 usls on today.It’s just an overhyped tank.It has very long loading time and very sensible to he.I my opinion you have the money or gold it’s ok to buy.

    2. Why? The meta changed by a lot. Also the tank was nerfed. I don’t see any reason why anyone should be scared because of that tank.

  2. This rumor is getting more and more believable. Check the stats on tanks gg or wot wiki. There is a nerfed ass version of this with just 490 dmg per shot, a lame 2,3k dpm, reduced hull armor and power to weight ratio

    1. Not sure where gets his (possibly old) info’s from…. But the wiki??? I too can edit that.

      As for the badly made skin..
      COULD be a spaceholder during tests to be exchanged for something different. Idk. Or till the good gold is done.

      Any speculation is pointless…
      If there is a sale, I will have the money. If not… Got plenty tier x open to buy.

      This said, I think 50m is a too low price compared to 59g
      I estimate 100m.

      Eh. Who cares.

      1. Apparently we do, Bob. I need to use that 50k gold from lootboxes ๐Ÿ˜„ easy come easy go. Also if it comes to having the tank available iโ€™d like to platoon with ya for double gold madness. My ingame nick is volkovwolf

  3. So, I grinded for it, long and hard, then it was taken from me with no compensation, because “can’t be balanced”, now it’s gold shit-painted and balanced? They can have the Grille back, I want my Waffle!

    1. Yep, itโ€™s all a joke. Any low rent move to shake the players down for money.

      They might as well, mount a Derp gun on an old Volkswagen and put it in the game.

      Thatโ€™s the sad state of affairs of this game anyway.

    2. You grinded to a broken vehicle and are complaining that it was removed?

      This will be worse than the old WTF E 100 anyway.

      1. Pick the best tier X you are grinding now, wait to get it, couple of mounts later WG will declare it to be unbalansable and will remove it, putting some crap-wagon in place, then I will tell you the same “You grinded to a broken vehicle…”

        It was a regular tier X then, no more broken than Obj.268 4 now, and it other cases tier X were replaced, we got to keep the vehicle we grinded, and the new replacement. But Waffle was just taken.
        Cannot be balanced. Now it can, apparently. Why not give it back?

  4. This comes straight from the Chinese server, right?
    They have a Tier 8 Waffentraeger if I remember well.
    Definitively NOT the Tier X WT100…

    1. On the Chinese Server you can buy the WT auf E100 for real money and yes, the Tier X. DezGamez for example released a video on this. You can as well buy the Chieftain Mk. 6, Tier X british standard Heavy tank every PC Player is waiting for for years.

      1. You can ALWAYS buy pretty much everything in Chinese server. Tech tree, crew members, reward tanks including Obj 907 and Obj 260. Oh and you won’t be able to get any CW reward tank because there is no such event in Chinese server.

    1. WGs greed IS killing this game….almost killed the game…just more nonsence decisions and u will see mate

  5. Two versions on One is marked as regular, and is severely nerfed (246mm pen, 920m/s shell velocity, 8.8hp/t, costs 6.1M credits), see here ; the other is marked as premium/reward, has the old 276mm pen and 12hp/t and 1200m/s stats, can be seen here .

    The (p) variant has a listed cost of 30k gold, so I assume that’s the one that would end up being sold, if ever. I’m sure in the current meta the tank would be nowhere near as broken as it was before, also I’d be sad to not have the 15cm gun variant. It would still be devastating with its clip potential and accuracy, but honestly now with wheeled LTs and arty’s stun and the british HESH and the insane view range everyone has at this tier, I think despite its insane gun it would still be a glass canon that instantly dies whenever spotted. I’m more worried about the 279e and chieftain than about the WTF100.

    I’m not sure people would be very happy about getting that tank removed from them and now having to pay gold to get it back, but then again it’s not the first time this happened (Lorraine 40t, T34, PzIV S, T-28 F30, etc…). Clearly WG does not care about that so that’s not an argument to defend the “it wont happen” theory.

  6. I hope they will sell for credits and not for gold or to have to choose between gold and credits.
    Because I sold all my tech tree tanks I had (almost all).
    4-5 tier X, 4-5 tier 9, 4-5 tier VIII, all my tier 7, all my tier 6 etc.
    I sold all consumables except 300-400 basic repair kits and basic crew kits.
    I sold a lot of equipments bought at -50% discount and I still have equipments for a total of 4-5kk if I sell them at normal price, but now they have discount ๐Ÿ™
    I did all this just to make 70-72kk and if Black Market will be announced on official wot website, I will sell all the tanks from tech tree I have.
    I still have 430U, 3 tier 9.
    All I want is WTE100. Never had one before. And I have the account since April 2012.
    If I sell equip + some tanks I can make 80+ millions so I can buy a tier X and WTE100. (I hope)

    1. Considering WG marketing policy and the fact that you are the pinnacle example of how much people is hyped about this tank, I do not think WG will sell it for credits.
      Look what happened withtype 59 Gold last year, Overpriced still sold out in a minute.
      On some other sources I read that someone extimate the price would be around 50K Gold.
      Now the point is: will those potential customer spend so much for a TD with low pen (246 on the normal one) or will they demand the one with 276 pen. because IMO makes a huge difference especially in today meta where a whatever OBJECT has more armor then a type 5 Heavy.

          1. The model is new and stats are updated. The vehicle now has no armor and lost a single shell in the autoloader.

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