World of Tanks – Update your XVM ASAP!

This morning a micropatch came out, which suddenly broke all mods. The fault is at XVM.

Therefore, refrain from using XVM or start the game without mods until the release of updated version by XVM team.

– Problems with controlling a tank in battle.

Today, after updating the game, you may have encountered problems controlling the tank in battle, as well as incorrect display of the game interface. The reason for this is the installed modifications.

* To again be able to play as before, wait for the release of the version of modifications adapted for the update.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Update your XVM ASAP!

  1. hahahaha. this is the price XVM users should always pay for peeking into people’s stats, especially the “only 45%win chance? noob team *ragequit/suiciderush*” kids.

    1. if you need xvm to identify good or bad players, you are probably part of the problem because you’re a 45%-bot that identifies him-/herself as unicum. Usually, their behaviour, movement, and AFK time at battle start tells it all.

    2. sometimes your team gets carried by a mouthbreather too, it’s WG’s RNG after all.

    3. Expectations, good or bad, at the start of the battle, are killing the fun and also your map awareness and battle reading skills. Don’t let XVM tell you what to expect from a battle/player.

    1. Yes, but it’s quite understandable that players like yourself hate XVM. Because it shows your poor stats and that’s embarrasing to you and everyone using XVM.

      And unfortunately the anonymizer doesn’t make you a better player either, which you seem to think..correct me if i’m wrong, it’s just my impression after reading your lengthy posts on this site about the subject.

      And i don’t use XVM so spare me the usual drivel.

      1. XD easy there, undercover WG employee. my stats are nothing to be ashamed of. and you SHOULD know that people’s stats are still freely available to anyone outside the battle. so, nothing being secret here. do you need someone to show you around in the game? if things become too overwhelming, just ask for advice. it will get easier once you’re reached a two-digits age. 😉
        your medium-sized post about my lengthy posts is duly noted. after almost 10 years, I still like the game a fair bit, tank passion adds the rest.

        1. Picture this – there’s someone using XVM AND the Anonymiser at the same time. Ofc, XVM stats won’t work, but this guy is still using it.

          You, like most of the playerbase, will probably think the guy’s an idiot. I’ll give you a few hours to try and figure it out tho.

          Good luck, Mr. Proud-of-your-stats

      2. It’s not the stats, it’s the mindset. I’ve had more games thrown by XVM users because their mod said the game was already lost before the timer finished counting down than I’ve had good come out of it.
        And my aim, along with shot/hit ratio is bad because I will shoot at houses to deny enemy the cover. Then the people who do worry about that can shoot freely.
        The mod is a tool, and sadly the users of it are too. ;P

      3. I disagree because only the player should decide if allows other players to view or no to view his personal stats.

  2. Pretty hilarious. This fricking mod is creating so much toxicity, I wish it would break every day of the week.

    Incidentally, I have not noticed much effect of the anonymizer so far – most inexperienced players don’t seem to know or care about the feature, so they don’t use it, and the XVM pseudo-pros are still flaming as happily as ever (“OMG RED TOMATOES LOST!!!!1!!”). The anonymizer should really be activated per default, but I guess Wargaming did not want that because they thought that inexperienced players would be confused by it. That might have been true to some degree; on the other hand, as it is the thing is pretty useless – it may be useful to the occasional unicum (which is great because those poor people really need all the help they cant get lol), but the effect I really hoped for hasn’t materialized.

    1. You know what? I chose a username so everyone can see it not some random name. The only reason I use it is to hide the stats and the toxicity. Why not ban the XVM’s stats? Why overcomplicate things so much??? If you are a PRO you don’t need the stats, but I see that only the PROS are crying over this mod.

  3. I find it funny how when people see “XVM” all they see is statistic module of the said mod, and get triggered like snowflakes they are.

    1. FINALLY! Thank you!

      (My big, hard, stiff minimap would also like to express its gratitude by splashing its rivers and lakes on all those complaining idiots)

  4. I dont run XVM and I have the problem. It is the micropatchs fault…not XVMs. Good job WG….once again.

  5. Normaly WG uses a new mod folder when they change/update anything at the core functions. This is the way they go since 2 years to prevents something like that to happen. This time WG failed here.

  6. I will acknowledge your reason if you can name me ONE GAME that has live stats. Name ONE massive multiplayer free-to-play game in E SPORTS that has LIVE STATS! If you can’t name one and I am 100% you will not

  7. ii love how people say its xvm fault that Wg released micro patch are the dumb retards even spreading to this website now and then Plazma keks puts their little post in and no one expose them just went to their website i have NEVER seen more illegal mods for world of tanks in one spot and yet people are still blind thinking XVM is an issue not all the aim bots that people are getting from that website great job snowflakes point at one thing you think is the problem but turn a blind eye to the real issues bunch of idiot clowns

  8. I don’t see the point to blame XVM breaking the game. In fact it is WG’s fault not to disable an outdated mod after updating the game. But things get complicated with the fact that micropatches break mods.

    I’m sure a lot of people complain about the micropatches on 1.6. Whenever WG release a micropatch, they use a new folder and mods will break. The game is getting changed by micropatches and mods may or may not work in the new version. It is necessary to test compatibility of mods in the new version from devs’ perspective (both mod devs and game devs).

    However, most of the time mods still work after a micropatch. Many players just drag old mods into the new folder. And it is not the first time that outdated mods can cause serious problem. Skill4ltu had already encountered that people used outdated damage mark mod had a huge lag when in the same battle with Skill4ltu.

    While this time, after all the complains, WG has decided not to use new folders for micropatches. And immediately we know the disastrous results we get. Allow using old mods is not only convenience, but also a promise made by WG that old mods won’t break the game. Players are not experts. They can’t know why the update breaks the game. Mod devs can’t know what will be updated at the time they release mods for current version. Their job is to make sure their mods work without problems for that version. While WG is responsible for disabling outdated mods or at least send a warring to people still using them. While this time, WG choose not to use a new folder but a new folder is necessary. WG is surely responsible for all the chaos they have made. And, the title of this post is totally misleading and unfair.

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