0 thoughts on “PewDiePie plays World of Tanks (+ Invite Code)

  1. I recognize his style in game, I think this guy was on my team like a thousand times, for years under different nicks.

  2. Dreadful advert for World of Tanks, really.

    No tutorial that adequately covers the gameplay and ‘meta’ tactics that’s developed over 15 years that include which bushes to hide in, which flanks to push, which spots to camp and where to blind fire etc etc.

    A new player dropped into the game without even the basic knowledge of the (somewhat obscure) game mechanics is asking for trouble.

    The Dr Disrespect video was just as bad and he looked relieved to be able to finish the session and claim his fat paycheck.

    That said it’s a good video to demonstrate to WG, that to newbies this game really isn’t at all user friendly, intuitive or… fun.

    1. It perplexes me why so many important things like incoming damage and spotting circles are turned off by default. No wonder most of the players have no idea what they’re doing.

  3. Now I have seen the video I think “NoobyPie” would be a more fitting name lol. It was pretty entertaining, though; you can tell he’s a absolute pro in producing entertaining YouTube content.

  4. Loved it!!!! Funny as hell and so true, we were all there guys, take it for what it is, the frustration of not penetrating and pure exhilaration of the kill! Well done

  5. Ach… Invite codes… Useless stuff at this stage of the game (anyone i could invite and get to play this game has been playing it for years now). A bonus code with half this stuff would be a lot more appreciated.

    1. The whole purpose of paying one of the best-known YouTube stars shitloads of money to make a video was to attract people who have never played before – and I bet you anything that that will have worked – hey, the man has an effing 102 Million followers (!). And since that was the whole point of the exercise, it made sense for them to add an invite code.
      Seriously, I am not all that fond of Wargaming, but we players are constantly hammered with little extras here and bonus codes there … it’s almost like spam these days, especially when you compare it to how it used to be.

      P.S.: I recommend the Tankmas stream – you can get bonus codes for camouflages ^^

    1. Well first of all, they’re “surprise mechanics”…

      sorry, wrong g̶r̶e̶e̶d̶y̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶s̶a̶c̶k̶ game company

  6. Another clueless kid… so what? just what Christmas brings to the game more ‘skiled plajers” with cool names.

  7. I realized long ago there’s no bottom in the barrel of stupid of WoT’s player base. However, if 1% of his subs begin playing then it will be like peeling away at least 100 layers at 1 time.

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