0 thoughts on “WoWS – Dockyard Rules

  1. MOAR FUEL!!! We need to see that dumpster fire from space, release the video! Be sure to include the wrong (cheaper) price for the boosters in the video just to rub it in! MAKE IT BURN!!!! OMG, this is getting too funny.

  2. Even if I had a year to complete all the tasks I wouldn’t be able, I would get too bored of the game.

  3. Such events are not made to grind anyways. It’s just about to spend money. Nobody should be surprised. This time its just so obvious and extreme that people start complaining. Btw WoT is doing the same with all their game modes, but jsut did not go over the top like WoW’s did this time. But the Holiday Ops are even more designed to increase/max out their income.

    But well it still works in WoT and so it will be even worse next year.
    In WoWs they just went over the top and will not do this again.

    1. “In WoWs they just went over the top and will not do this again.”
      Are you quite sure about that? We talk about WG after all…

      1. I can’t be 100% sure, but I’m confident. Their overall goal is to make money, but keep the players somehow happy and give them the feeling its not all about their money. This time they failed at this in WoWs. But even in WoT they designed this years Holiday Ops to increase their profits. just players dont feel it that much and are not complaining about it. Lets see what will happen in the Holiday Ops 2021.

        1. Perhaps you are right, but for WG to learn their limits, some larger scale backlash must happen, a-lá WoT’s Rubicon.
          I would laugh if they decided to rework the Puerto Rico missions on the fly now.

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