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    1. trying to attract the window lickers who are wildly confused when they see the huuuuge tech trees with their innumerable branches …
      removing tanks from what has been THE Tank Game so far would be the first step of going full retard.

    2. actually they said
      «there will be other ways to receive these vehicles and we will tell you about them at a later date»

      I would speculate it will be objective based, X number of battles or X amount of XP on Tier 2 and you get access to all Tier 2s, either way having already spent money producing the models means it would be their loss if they removed them for future players, I think they might keep Tier progression tied to a single vehicle but still adding bonuses for Eliting the other extra vehicles, a good way to introduce personnal reserves to new players, that or free XP and credits

  1. “We focus on the players that actively participated in the Sandbox testing”
    LMAO 😀 Yeah, they say that so more players will participate in the test, naively thinking that their opinion will be listened to, then WG will still do whatever they want to do. It’s just a trick to get more people into the testing 😀

  2. Sandbox is a joke. All russian, maxxing out russian OP tanks, only exposing the barest sliver of the top of an OP turret armour on made for russian OP tanks map meta, with full gold ammo, improved equips, food, all the best stuff that isn’t what a regular player can afford to run in any battles, even with premium account and playing a premium tank with credit boosters, platoon bonus etc.

    Sandbox DOES NOT give a real world example of gameplay. Neither does super testing.

    Please rebalance view ranges, and maps.

  3. Unlike those negative and never satisfied ppl, I for once welcome change! Some of which over due.

    Stagnation means death.
    And if it doesn’t work…. Change until it does.

    Some ppl would certainly love wot 0.1 when it was**still good””

    Aka ugly graphics and mediocre sounds, without physics. Unbalanced. Few tanks. Bad ui. Real money for ammo, presented in glorious 720p sucking performance up… populated by a player base which could never sustained the game for more than a year.

    Nostalgic is great.

  4. no one cares but if I could search every single one of my comments and bring it up I could show how I’ve been defending some of these changes:

    » gold ammo that does less damage, even “premium” HE should have improved pen instead of dmg
    » less damage per shot overall

    and I’m “happy” to see they finally noticed how being killed so fast on lower tiers actually works against teaching new players as well as keepig them playing the game

    the things I defend they won’t do is increasing the HP pool, which would counter the reward reduction from the lower overall dmg

    also nice to see them intending to make the tech trees more clear, now I hope they don’t stop at the lower Tiers and also do something about the “oldest” Tech Tree in the game because that is the only one (amongt th older TTs, so no Sweeden, Czechslovakia, Italy or Poland) that has not received these recent “line progression optimization” updates every other Tech Tree has received

    Maus line
    Porsche line
    Waffentrager line

    Bat-Chat 25t line
    AMX 50 Foch line

    Centurion Line
    Tortoise line
    Conqueror line

    pretty much everything, including new lines

    even Japan saw its (Super) Heavy Tank line reworked so that from Tier 5 to Tier 10 all vehicles are effective both with conventional or DERP guns, the Chinese TT was already pretty much consistent but even those were buffed to not be as affected from power-creep

    with all of that said the only TT missing is the USA

    TD lines all over the place, gameplay changes from Tier-to-tier in almost all cases (exception would be T28 »» T95)
    underperforming heavy tank line, particularly at Tier 8, with only 1 solid option at Tier 7
    medium tank line that changes from mobility based to armor based tanks every other tier
    mobility: Easy 8, T20 and M46
    armor: Jumbo, Pershing and M48

    just for context those lines have looked like that since 2012 when the Tier 10 MTs and TDs were added to the game

  5. In battle profitability … hmm
    ahh that’s right I remember its called

    BUY an EXPENSIVE Tier 8 PREMIUM tank from the expensive WOT Premium Shop
    any Premium will do .
    Or better still buy a new expensive Tier 8 Premium Tank every week!
    or every other week .. da! comrade

    I remember P2W as always
    ~ that’s pay with your credit card with your real money

    as regards ‘proposed changes or work’ to the in game WOT Nations tank tech trees
    >> what tech trees?
    I play 25 or so Tier 8’s from the awesome Premium line tech tree, its easy no grind just a credit card and bingo! a shiny new Tier 8 Premium tank

    jokes aside
    how long before this actually becomes true!

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