WoT Holiday Ops 2020 – New Female Crew Members


New Year’s crew member “Julia Winnfield”. How she is obtained is currently unknown.

Description: “… And I will congratulate with valuable gifts those who behaved as they should last year. And you will find out that my name is Holiday, when my congratulations reach you. ”

Remember, this crew member is different from the “Snow Maidens” that are obtainable by leveling up the “Festive atmosphere” with decorations. All 4 are up for grabs.


Furthermore, there are strings of another similar crew member, who is currently absent in data files. Likely to be added with a micropatch at a later date.


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  1. There was a Father Christmas/Santa Claus character in the lootboxes last year, perhaps it’s an analogue of that?

    1. That would be mt guess too… It would be bizarre to have a new Santa variant, so I guess they came up with her. It’s another easy to make incentive to encourage people to buy moAr crates !

  2. Aren’t they the 4 female crew that you pick up on the way to Festive Level X?
    I’d be surprised if we could get another 4 during festivities.

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