World of Tanks – Lootbox 3D Styles

1. 3D-style on the Object 430U – “Kelevra”.
Historical,  6.000 gold.

“Well, that’s all, you can exhale. Although I and my guys have aged a couple of years this week, that’s for sure. What will happen next – let them decide upstairs, for now we will put our equipment in order and get a good night’s sleep. Oh yes, you still need to really study this car – no one has seen anything like it. The miracle is that it was managed to capture it almost without a fight. Judging by the appearance and this formidable gun, we could get a lot of trouble. We must wait for the commission; maybe they will shed light on what fell into our hands. If this is a fundamentally new tank, then what is it in battle? Where did the Egyptians come from? How many more of these cars are on the other side? I would not want to meet them in a direct collision. Anyway … I don’t want any more clashes. ”


2. 3D-style on the Jagdpanzer E 100 – Panzerschiff.
Historical, 6.000 gold.
“So, leave technicians from the repair room unattended. I spent only two weeks in the hospital – and they have already remade our self-propelled gun beyond recognition. No, of course, I’m glad that the car is still alive and in service, but are you sure that we need all this? First, at the plant, they give us almost a ship’s gun, now something like a marine searchlight appears on the roof of the cabin. Then what, the propellers in the stern? And then the order to redeploy to the Baltic Sea and start the hunt for the British convoys? After the “idea with concrete trains” I won’t be surprised at anything. These can. Yes, these can … “
3. 3D-style on the T110E4 – “Major Ram.”
Historical, 6.000 gold.
“We are here again, again on these streets. I remember for sure that for the first time it was warmer … And I’m not talking about the weather, but about our current relations with the Soviets. I don’t know what they didn’t divide up there, but here we are standing face to face at this damned checkpoint, and God knows what order will come to me any minute. On the other side, after all, not only young growth, but also military officers to whom we shook hands back in the 45th. Now what? Face our tanks with our foreheads? We were like allies? I don’t know how those above, but I and my guys just don’t need another war. Yes, and people behind the wall, I’m sure, too. In the meantime … Good morning again, Berlin. We have not seen each other for 16 years, and, believe me, I certainly did not miss you.


4. 3D-style on the E 100 – “Klarer Himmel”.
Historical, is 6.000 gold.
“… This old fool Becker does not understand anything in military craft. He is a railwayman, who allowed him to reach our tanks? And from him came an order with “urgent recommendations” to install an anti-aircraft gun to provide air defense and cover infantry. Seriously? In the conditions of urban battle, only a madman will stand up for this gun – this is the fastest way to say goodbye to life. Does he suggest knocking planes out of her? Yes, Schwarzer Tod will not even take our main weapon, as it sometimes seems to me. The best cure for air raids is to run. Run away with all my might. But once we had air supremacy – and where is our aviation now? Such as Becker and buried her. All the way to the last plane. We asked for fuel and artillery tractors, but he doesn’t care – he is there in a warm office. And here we are going deeper and deeper into hell. ”
5. 3D-style on the AMX 13 105 – “Viper Noir”.
Historical, 6.000 gold.
“Will someone remind us that we forgot New Guinea?” Why did I have to leave cozy Montauban and fight off midges on the other side of the globe? No, I’m not complaining, it’s just that there really was no other way for our new tank to reconcile the parties to the conflict, none of which even speak our own way?
And now they are showing Marseilles Revenge at home – I really wanted to get to the premiere … ”

6. 3D-style on the Object 140 – “Sekhmet”.
Historical, 6.000 gold.
“Again this sand, everywhere there is endless sand, and on the armor – even fried eggs. I’m no longer afraid of ambushes and minefields, but this damned sun – it’s more likely to kill me. Ahmad, our guide, says, they say, we are still lucky with the weather. But “no luck” then – how is it? Fortunately, the machine suffers, starts up properly and does not boil, although we probably change air filters more often than fill fuel. Yes, this beast only looks like filters and it works. Well, at least we managed to wave the ATGMs favorably onto a seemingly high-woven carpet and a couple of barrels of drinking water, anyway they are of no use to them. Okay, get together! It’s time for work. Galanin, start the engine. Let’s try to survive another day. ”

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  1. What’s up with WG’s obsession with all the Arabic 3D skins? First the BC 25t, now the Obj. 140 and Obj. 430U.

  2. QB strongly advises everyone not to buy anything during this years Holiday Ops as a protest against the foolish move by WG to let players hide their stats.

    Follow QB on Twitch and take part in the huge protest movement against the worst change WG has made to WoT

    1. Sorry, I have a working brain and I choose to use it instead of surrogating it to someone with a “celebrity” status and as such, I make my own decisions as to what I do, more especially so, with the money I worked for.

      Hence, I would suggest to those who have a working brain and prefer using it, to do their own research and decide whether they wany X or Y and act accordingly, independently of who says what.

      As for the Anonymizer, it’s about time it arrived. XVM and its inherent toxicity can finally be buried.

  3. People complaining about the price can’t read and don’t think at all. “Lootboxes“! So you can not buy those skins, the price of 6000Gold is therefore: technical. So you get the ammount of Gold in case you get the skin twice in your lootboxes so you get compensated. You can not sell the skin neither you can buy it for 6000Gold….
    Why people never read properly and can’t think logical?

    1. “So you can not buy those skins, the price of 6000Gold is therefore: technical.”

      Yeah, this is true until they put them on the Black Market next year.

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