WoT Supertest – Bat.-Chatillon 12t mle. 54

Today, the French Tier VIII medium tank Bat.-Chatillon 12t mle 54 is entering the supertest.
A strong feature of the machine is its mobility. The maximum speed is 62 km / h, the power/weight ratio is 25.8 hp / t. As for the armor protection, you should not rely on it, since the maximum thickness of the armor is only 40 mm. The view range of the tank is 390 m, and the base health is 1250 HP.

The gun is equipped with a drum for two shells with 360 damage, with a 2s reload between shells. The reload time for the entire drum is 18s. Penetration with a standard projectile is 190 mm, and with a special projectile is 240 mm. Accuracy – 0.42 m per 100 m, aiming time – 3.5 s. Gun depression – 6 degrees.

Bat.-Chatillon 12t mle. 54 offers fast-paced gameplay with aggressive attacks at close and medium range. A quick drum allows you to do maximum damage in just a couple of seconds, and high mobility will help to avoid reciprocal damage. Choosing the right moment to attack is the key to a successful game on this tank.

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  1. Looks cool and quite balanced, now we just have to wait for WG to nerf it into the ground because it’s not Russian…..

  2. 2 different MT on ST at the same time and of different tiers…. are they just baiting us to think something nice is coming just to throw in our faces they are simply more premiums?

    1. Not that this has stopped them before, but this tank in particular would be an odd choice for a premium candidate, given that the Lorraine 40t is still around and is still regarded as being pretty good.

      1. I would think it could match the gameplay of the AMX 30B line, no armor but mobile (62 km/h) and with a good gun, looking from that point of view the Projet 4-1 would be a Tier 9 reward autoloader and this Bat-Chat a Tier 8 trainer for the AMX 30B line

        1. They’d almost be better off just buffing the AMX CdC as a 30B trainer though. This tank *almost* looks like WG is trying to make another French medium sub-branch in the tech tree, like a way to weasel-around the BC 12t which, IIRC, isn’t exactly well liked.

          1. well, I bet that if the CdC was turned into a tank destroyer just like how it was designed, its strengths and weaknesses would make more sense and make it easier to play

    1. Or a tech tree tank before the Bat-Chat 25t AP maybe ? But it would not fit with the tier 9 and 10… but it’S WG…

  3. So basically

    1. take a BC 12t hull
    2. take an EBR 105 turret and gun and add a 2-shot clip
    3. nerf the gun stats so it’s “balanced” for Tier 8 (bad aimtime, lower alpha, no high pen HE)
    4. it’s two lights mashed together so they add up to make one medium
    5. ????
    6. profit (maybe)

  4. 700 dmg per 20 seconds?. About avg, but damn those 2 shots per clip are going to be ever so precious. Load ze gold! Make SURE you get penetration and damage to achieve that DPM!.
    The problem is, rushing to map dominant positions, you’re going to be combatting LT432, french wheelies, and in the case of the LT432 I think you will be easily out-armoured AND out dpm’ed.
    Better hang back, and prepare the camping mode.
    But WG know, the french autoloaders combined with excellent mobility are HUGE sellers.

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