WoT Supertest – Projet 4 – 1 – 2nd Iteration


• Turret rotation speed from 33.38 to 31.29
• Frontal turret armor from 120 to 140
• Side turret armor 50 to 90

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    1. Yep
      And by reducing the turret traverse, they are making sure it will shoot from afar, sealing it’s support role.

      1. Todays “what below-average player says” , sponsored by you…

        Atm i drive my beloved T-103… guess how fast that turret turns? Broken Maus, fast.
        How do i corners? – i turrrn the turret and THEN go around it. So how does turret rotation limit one to a “support role”? and where the hell do you aim your gun!??

        1. ??? misunderstanding here I guess…
          Tank parameters do not obligate a style of play. When I say ”sealing” a style it’s about the intention, the goal decided by WG, not a dumb law forcing you to adopt a playstyle. Some great game with the RHM-Borsig are played VERY close to the enemy. Just like the example you gave about the T-103.
          Another way to look at it is this: it’s at how they will tweak the tank a bit to make it less good at something, without hindering the other intended role. Sometimes they exagerate on this a lot, look at the british light tank line ! They suck(less good than other line at best) at everything but passive scouting ( and even there they are not the best imho !).
          So, reducing the turret traverse does not mean you can’t brawl, it means that it will be more vulnerable to flanking, hence a tank that will be less good than others at brawling, encouraging players to stay far from the enemy, hence the role intended by WG.
          It’s all about statistic in the end, or how the different tank characteristics create different trends on the results, and most efficient playstyle.
          That’s what I meant.
          Oh, and sorry for my bad english, I’m not an english native person.

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