World of Tanks 1.7 – Releases December 10th

Patch is coming out with Anonymizer on the night of Monday -Tuesday next week.

New mod directories: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks 1.7 – Releases December 10th

  1. I don’t mind this feature but I will not use it myself. One thing worth mentioning is that some players with poor stats think this feature will make them better. They will still be the same and only protected from toxicity (which will still occur after the battle when stats and names are seen again)
    Better players like SirFoch obviously will use this feature because of all attention he gets just because he’s a famous Twitch streamer. One quick look at this streams gives you and idea.

    1. If you want something else… Prepare your wallet! WG have many things for you spend money during Christmas time 😀

  2. I truly believe that football players should also wear potato sacks with vision holes on the pitch, so the opposition wouldn’t know who is the best player and couldn’t mark him.

  3. ahh lovely at long last
    now the Arty focus goes away, and much less enemy team focus on good players while rest of the team is ignored, lovely!

    now I can play more freely

    I love you
    )hopefully lol, soon find out

    1. XVM devs have almost finished the mod which shows your true name and stats even when you are using the anonymizer.

      1. And now we are back on square one… Whats the point with the anonymizer if you can just download a mod to show the names….

      2. What? That would be impossible if WG implemented this correctly, so either WG are actually incompetent, or that’s just a rumour. Do you have any technical details on how they do it in XVM? 🙂

        1. The account IDs aren’t randomized, the mod simply looks them up in the official WG database and displays the real name + stats on the HUD.

          1. So then it’s incompetent WG developers… Sending the actual account IDs (rather than virtual account IDs) when they implement a randomizer when they also know that people develop mods. Good job WG amateurs 😀

  4. Join QB’s boycott of this disastrous feature that will ruin the game!

    QB even said he would quit the game permanently!

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