15 thoughts on “World of Tanks – How to Get the M54

  1. How to Get the M54? Buy it! You milking cows. And give us more money for stupid shell rebalance and double-barrel tanks, while all your other paid premiums are collecting dust. Panther 8.8, Mutz, M46 KR, FCM and T 34 are saying hi!

  2. No thanks, this tank is garbage lol.
    Its T54E2, aka the T54 we have in game already? Thats a medium tank? Just minus the autoloader.
    Never mind the fact that this thing is everything the M48 used to be before the A5 turret.
    So with that GIANT TUMOR it has. Its armor is 100% useless.
    No thanks.

  3. well, like it or not, WG is giving us 2 free premium tanks (+ that hellcat), renegate and USA tier 7 scorpion, so rly cant complain… at least they doing something, could be much worse 🙂

    1. Great defense for WG “could be much worse“, they should incorporate it into company logo.

      WG got upset for people selling crappy gift tanks and made gift tanks cost almost nothing, says all about how they think. Not better gifts, au contraire, big FU 1000 silver tonks!

      Now useless prems possible with no silver value and impossible for the average family and work Joe marathon, they just spit in our faces and angry we don’t like the gift of water.

      1. Why in the holy mother of ass your average working joe should be able to 100% finish a marathon for a tier 8 premium tank? That thing is supposed to have at least some value, isn\’t it? And what missions would that marathon have? Breath? Operate at least one hand to turn on the computer?

        1. Noo, players must play for over a week, 27 hours a day with 90% win rate only to get the divine pleasure of owning a pile of pixels shaped like a known fail tank.

          Some value, not the cost of an iron bridge, translating into work hours. Or only unicorns should get free tanks to bash the plebs into submission? It\’s already done, with best of the tanks.

          Reasonable effort, acceptable, but don\’t forget that people are playing to feel good, fun sucking ubergrind demands are hurting WG, feel bad players will not play, and what if all the one-hand folks will get this reward, will it break the MM?

  4. QB has a verdict for this tank and it’s not a good one. What’s his twitch stream to learn more!


    1. Or watch Circonflexes, or Skill4ltu, or Yzn3, or any other player which is better than QB and can make this tank work. Btw, this tanks pretty good hidden stats, so I\’m not sure what you\’re talking about.

  5. How: use a bot. Obviously legal.
    None of the reported get banned.
    Report system is just fasade.
    Lip service

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