World of Tanks – 1.7 test server is… offline?

News come from updated 1.7 test server announcement article in the ASIA server, in which a new label was added announcing that “Common Test has been switched off”. Usually this label is added when the test is finished and the patch is ready or close to being released. Servers are actually offline and it’s as of now unknown why they are down.

The fate of double barreled vehicles in patch 1.7 might be sealed for good – preserved in Supertest until a new patch in January/February.

4 thoughts on “World of Tanks – 1.7 test server is… offline?

      1. Agreed. They had more than enough time to get the double barrel tanks ready in time for Xmas and from what I understand they had the tier 9 and 10 ready but decided to model the premium tier 8 first instead of the tech tree tier 8 and as a result it is still in the supertest. Somebody really dropped the ball here at WG since they could\’ve released the prem tank in the 1.8 patch and that would\’ve been perfectly fine.

        Hopefully they are updating the test servers to put in the double barrel tanks but at this point I doubt it…

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