World of Tanks – M18 (90) “Super Hellcat” final stats


Tier VII American Tank Destroyer Super Hellcat Full stats


Main armament: 90mm AT gun M3T;

Alpha damage  240/240/320;

Penetration values – 167/210/45;

Damage per minute – 1877;

Rate of fire –  7,82 (7,67 s. reload);

Gun accuracy – 0,34;

Aim time – 1.63 s.

Aim circle spread –

  • after shot – 3,356;
  • on turret traverse – 0,16;
  • on tank movement – 0,134;
  • on tank traverse – 0,23;

Gun depression – 10 degrees;


View range – 370;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 20,18 %;
  • On movement 12,08 %;
  • During shooting while stationary 5,04 %;
  • On movement while shooting – 3,02 %;


Engine power – 460;

Vehicle traverse speed – 35,46;

Specific power ratio – 23,54 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 72 km/h;
  2. backwards 20 km/h;


Health – 800;

Hull front / side – 12 mm / 12 mm/ 12mm;

Turret front / side – 76 mm / 31 mm / 127 mm;

23 thoughts on “World of Tanks – M18 (90) “Super Hellcat” final stats

  1. How did they nerf the accuracy from 0.34 to 0.42 for a tank that essentially has a tier 6 gun at tier 7…

    The whole meme about the free tier 3 gift being a garage slot is because it was so bad nobody would play it. What are they trying to achieve with this except a tier 7 garage slot.

  2. 167 standard shell penetration on a tank that can meet Tier IX\’s … that is pretty shit. I guess Wargaming wanted to make sure we won\’t see too many of these in the game even though a very large portion of the player base will get it for free.

  3. that is just miserable…there is nothing relevant better, except HP, than tier 6 existing tank..

    but for exactly free….it is still wellcome

  4. Well, it is a free tank. Thats the positive thing about it. but that gun on a paper tier 7 TD? Sure thing …

    If they at least had given it the Hellcat gun (90mm AT gun M3 with 160/243mm pen). this would still almost force people to shoot APCR, but this would make this thing playable. as it is now: very bad idea. most tier MTs have better guns!

  5. Wargame years ago lost touch with there EU player base,
    not that they tried hard at any time to create anything for us )) other than a new shiny Premium Shop to fleece our €€€ even faster from us

    this nerfed garbage S Hellcat at T7 is so poor that even giving it away \”Free\” don\’t mean that many will play it more than a few times ))esp after being in endless over power Tier 9 games

    still it is free
    suppose cannot really moan much ass it free cost nothing

  6. Everting except power to weight ratio looks very bad, and considering it\’s a TD, I\’m going to bet ground resistance soft stats will be quite bad too, and negate the power to weight advantage.

    And the gun is on it\’s very own level of bad. In a way, it\’s even worse than the gun tier 6 Hellcat, if we look at the premium ammunition.

    The only thing that comes to my mind is that it has to be special MM vehicle. It still would be bad, but at least that would explain why it\’s so much worse than not so stellar T25/2.

  7. I\’m fine with the bad pen and a -10 gun depression angle. We won\’t be many to play it and it is a good thing.

  8. The major pleasant aspects I see from those stats are the 20 km/h reverse speed and the 1.63s aim time while the major disappointment is the penetration. I really hope that the officially unveiled version will have its pen buffed a little.

  9. Look, I get that it has a turret, and is fast… But it has lower pen than an SU-122-44 on both AP and Gold and nobody goes around saying that thing has good pen in the current meta…

    I see this thing struggling against heavily armored targets frontally and simply \’flanking\’ is not always an option…

    We\’ll see though…

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