World of Tanks – A New Tank Marathon! – M54 Renegade is up for grabs


Today, a traditional winter marathon was put into the game with the micropatch. The name of the marathon: “Hunting for a renegade.” traditional “Hunt for …”.

Start of the marathon begins this week

Tank to earn: M54 Renegade (former T54E2).

They also made a 2D style for the tank: “Alive or Dead.”

Description: “Take it Alive or Dead.” No more ideas?
I am not happy about prison food.
You sent me your best people –
Well, now let them look for them themselves.

Fate smiled at me and gave me a chance
Strike again and hide in the darkness.
In the morning this road will be the stagecoach
So in time to prepare for a fight.

Faithful horse – an old friend, waiting for ground spurs,
To rush into battle without fear.
With him is a charged Colt and an Indian ax,
What was received as a gift from Omaha.

On the great plains, night reigns.
The wind was silent, and coyotes did not howl.
Darkness, silence, you must help me
Take your own. Let the hunt begin!

14 thoughts on “World of Tanks – A New Tank Marathon! – M54 Renegade is up for grabs

  1. Okay.. Its nice i guess.. But i hope its not as hardcore of a grind as the other tier 8 prems were.. Since this one doesnt even make tier 8 prem credits and all.. And its not really competitive in nowadays WoT..

      1. Ow wait.. Nvm my comment, i confused this one with the T95E2 reward tank from the 1st recruiting campaign. 😛

  2. At least it does look nice. Really like the model. Fun thing, the tier X M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 MT thing actually has worse turret armor.

    1. Anyhow… I wonder how many hours of frustrating grinding that WG thinks is appropriate for this little pixel tank 😀

    2. Out of curiosity I\’ve spent few minutes googling for original vintage wanted posters and I have not found a single instance where it would say \”Alive of dead\”.

      Guess it\’s just another the standard case of too much vodka in WG office.

    1. That\’s what I think as well. However, we haven\’t heard anything about the E75 TS yet … I imagine that tank will play a role in their Christmas planning as well somehow …

  3. Its the tumor tank!! probably not worth wasting time on this marathon IMO unless you are a \”collector\”

  4. its a pretty good tank actually. will be very competitive. only downside is the tumor on the turret. I know a few guys who have played it and said its great.

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