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If you play World of Tanks regularly, you might recall some situations when a certain degree of privacy is needed, and most of those examples relate to battles. Let’s take a closer look.

Newcomers, Streamers, and Skilled Players

Many commanders just play for fun. They don’t have a very high win ratio compared to skilled players, and teammates may criticize them for not playing well enough.

On the other hand, an experienced player who knows all the maps and characteristics of different vehicles may become a priority target for adversaries. Their experience may be decisive in battle, so the enemy will try to eliminate them first.

Our contributors and streamers have also frequently requested a feature to play with a bit more comfort. Any player can go into battle with a streamer on some fine day. Both the allies and the enemy notice famous players, and they often become target number one everybody wants to destroy. And even if allies are no longer a problem since we disabled friendly fire, the enemy will still focus their fire on the streamer.

The Anonymizer can help with these issues by addressing sources of negativity and allowing you to enjoy the game in peace.

How It Works

The Anonymizer works only during battles. You select the relevant option in the game settings and activate it.

This feature will work when playing in all Random Battles types (Standard, Assault, Encounter, and Grand Battles), as well as in Frontline, Ranked Battles, PvE, and PvP modes. The Anonymizer will be disabled for:

  • Team Training
  • Stronghold Battles (Skirmish, Advance)
  • Global Map
  • Bootcamp
  • Tournament Battles

The game generates a random username each battle. It’s not a random set of characters, but a plausible nickname that more or less makes sense, so that other players won’t even notice you have the Anonymizer turned on. They will realize you were using it only after the battle when they want to see your statistics.

You will still see your real nickname (and your platoon mates as well), while the random username suggested by the Anonymizer will be displayed to your teammates and adversaries. Take a look.

Playing in Platoons

The Anonymizer can work both with static and dynamic platoons. However, we strongly recommend you be careful when choosing your platoon-mates, because your hidden information may be disclosed in battle if they (or you) are using third-party software.

Let’s Take the Game Seriously!

We hope you enjoy this new feature and that it will make the game more enjoyable for you. However, we want to remind you again of the Fair Play Policy. Using the Anonymizer is not a reason to abuse the rules and make the game less enjoyable for responsible players. This tool doesn’t make you invisible, so the Administration may take action against players exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior. One measure we can take is to block the use of the Anonymizer for the player, temporarily or permanently.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Anonymizer

  1. This looks good!
    But one crucial thing: it should have been THE default, enabled by default for ALL!
    With the option to OPT-OUT, or disable it in the settings, if one wants \”to be known\”…and not the OPT-IN option like it is now.

    When can this be expected to be released? Before the next decade?

    1. You are out of your mind.

      Anonymity CAUSES the issues!!
      Hello!!! Welcome to the internet.
      First day!!?

      Father give them something they DONT want to loose.
      Rather than HELP HIDING between botters and cheater

      If ur invisible. I will assume you are one of those! No exceptions.

      1. This is a nice addition to the game im not a unicum but im a good player according to xvm colours and i do get focused.I dont use xvm its cancer.I do hope this is the end of xvm.How many times have i seen at start of battle \”lost\” and then we actually win.Xvm makes people play different.

      1. Cause they can\’t be sure who s a hacker or bot…
        And who is the actual 10% human.

        Gj wg.
        Support for hackers confirmed.

      2. Don\’t feed the troll. He has nothing better to do than to troll the comment section for months and months 😀

  2. Oh my #%$&@!% Head! Wow, let me sum this hole thing up in one sentence ; one more gift for the Unicom hacks that WOT bends over and takes it up the kiester for. This game has turned into such a joke it\’s no longer fun or even funny anymore!

  3. fantastic news and at long, long last!

    now I wont get constant arty focus most every game
    now I wont get priority focused at start of a battle by enemies

    I can be just \’anyone\’ in a battle so lol o lol

    thank you WG my games now can only get better
    ……….. along with the farming )soz cannot resist that dig

  4. orange and red players crying and blue+ players telling that this is a good measure
    WG should listen to good players instead of mediocre ones

    and maybe the maps would have been better, Lt with wheels would never have been able to reach the open server, gold ammo would have been changed ages ago; and so many things that made this game a shadow of what it originally was, due to listening to red+orange potatoes that can not play and breathe at the same time

    1. yup good skills goes outta the door with now 100\’s over power over armour HT & now Super HT\’s
      and French LT\’s at 100kph with there Brocken hit boxes & auto aim 100% at 100kph

      add small corridor maps = big derpy guns & stupid thick frontal heavy armour in T9 + T10 SHT/ HT\’s

      = every Red/ yellow/ orange players wet dreams = everything is fixed in WOT!

    1. Hardly. Use Anonymizer and get priority targeted even more on the assumption that you are unicum hiding stats. Do you honestly think most players will even bother turning on the anonymizer? The assumption will be that those who use it have something to hide and hence will be targeted by players who don\’t even use XVM! Talk about counter-productive.

          1. The only time that is likely to happen is in Ranked Battles – when it doesn\’t matter anyway. Seriously some people think they are getting \”XVM-sniped\” in Ranked Battles when if they were compared to other members on the team they are the \”tomatoes\” even tho\’ they are better than average in their own right. It seems to me that some players don\’t even turn the mini-map on let alone worry about things like \”anonymizer\”. XVM will still be active and I agree with Miks that if you use anonymizer you will become a more obvious target rather than a less obvious one.

  5. If they think that this will stop people from trashing other players in game, they obviously aren’t playing matches and paying attention. There are people that don’t have XVM trashing people in game chat also and this won’t stop that. Lemming train – trashed. Yolo – trashed. Sit back on baseline trying to pad stats in a heavy – trashed. Seriously WG, use some logic.

    You want people to \”Take the Game Seriously\”? Start balancing the teams out player wise and maybe start rewarding people for playing as a team. As long as MM keeps stacking one team with good players and the other gets stacked with below average players there won\’t be anyone taking \”the Game Seriously\” since you don\’t seem to.

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