WoT Micropatch – Object 703 Variant II changes

Today a new micropatch got released, and along with it some changes for the Object 703 Variant II (122mm version) were released.

The another version of the tank with a 100mm gun was not touched. It doesn’t seem that WG are ready for the release of either versions yet, as right before release price in gold tends to be updated aswell, not in this case.

• Gun reload time (1/2): from 11/11 to 12.5 / 12.5 sec
• Preparation time for a double shot: from 3.5 for 3 sec.
• Reload lock time: from 7 to 4 seconds
• Gun swap time: 5 sec (did not change)
• Average damage per minute: from 2.219 to 1.952

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    1. Most likely. It was the basic testbed vehicle for \”lets see how DB vehicles work in general\”, but its probably going to end up being released as a premium.

  1. Somehow I can\’t help feeling these double-barrelled tanks are Wargaming\’s next design flop in the making.

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