WoT 1.7 – Second Public Test

Public Test has received a new iteration, and with it, a new main feature. Servers will be open within an hour of this post.

They added a feature – anonymizer. Time to ruin XVM.

It’s likely that double barreled vehicles (if they are still planned with the 1.7 Mainline and not 1.7.1) will have to wait further iterations, though it seems likely with the balance patches being applied to double barreleds’ in the Supertest and little time for testing until the release of 1.7 in early December that they won’t come in the immediate feature. Wait for January or February at the latest after the festive period is over.

0 thoughts on “WoT 1.7 – Second Public Test

    1. i think more players will be use this thing, even those with bad stats, i bet they are sick and tired to be called \”tomatoes\”

    2. Yep, that is my worry as well. They should have enabled this feature \’by default\’ for all. And if one does not want it to be enabled, toggle it off in the settings.

    3. Yes and now statpadders can’t focus me anymore! what warms my heart the most is knowing how many unicums will become green again.

  1. Why not just ban the stupid XVM? is that so hard? How many will know about his feature? most of them don\’t even watch on youtube.


    Those bots now hide…

    Hackers on stream/YouTube!?
    Good luck reporting those!


    Half baked potato of an idea.

  3. Can\’t wait for all those comments above to realize


    Not because of stats magic.

    And if you are sick of tomato names… Hitting an enemy more than ONCE per round is all it takes. And I wish I was kidding… But that is enough for 500wn8…
    .and if you are anonymous…
    You are a default tomato for those who are not

    Nothing changed, except they hide their BOTTING friends now.

    They don\’t care about your feelings. . Otherwise they put in ACTUAL SYSTEM\’S tro prevent it directly or encourage to be nice.

    Those got such systems.
    Eve online
    Brilliant and clean chat.

    Guess what. No Anon here.

    Grow up
    You are naive fools
    They don\’t even use CHATBOTS for the general.

    We had those in 2001!!!

  4. I\’m definitely pro XVM, I just like to know whether the person in front of me is a rookie who is still learning the ropes, 45% WR bot with 20k games, purple statpadder with less than a thousand games or a genuienly good player.
    Otherwise it feels like PvE…

    1. What a load a BS. You want to know if you can rush a tomato or not. This is why we have 15-4 matches. Nobody would rush to kill if they didn\’t know the player\’s stats. XVM is the cancer of this game and WG still keeps it for some dumb reason other than fair play.

      1. Don\’t make people laugh. You should have known there are far more 15:0 battles in ranked battles. People die because they are stupid. People get rushed because they are in bad positions, NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE BAD STATS.

        1. Ranked is for good players and it\’s \”new\” to the game. I think everyone here talked about random battles just like in WG\’s youtube video. Only in clan wars I can understand a 15-0 match, because you make a strategy and it can be very good or very bad. But randoms? Give me a break. Why would you keep the XVM when the teams are already unbalanced? just to finish it quicker? to see that the unbalanced team is full or red players and you can take advantage of that?

          Maybe you are right, but at least they must try 1 month without the XVM to see if there is a change.

          1. You definitely overestimated the impact on XVM. Rushing at a wrong position is suicide. It won\’t change if you stand in open and get free farmed by hull down tanks. Rushing is just a way to take control of advantage positions or oot run enemies with number. Again if a team full of tomatoes take the right positions it would be suicide for the opposing team to rush without brain.

            In ranked battles there are plenty players had clan war experience and know how to take control of the map, while there are \”smart\” players only knows how to snipe and no one wants to take positions eventually squeezed in to a corner and wiped out.

            It has nothing to do with stats. Scouting and positions should be far more important for a good player to make decisions, rather than stats. I\’d say bad players with XVM can avoid a dual with a unicorn or focus fire on a unicorn. It\’s a larger advantage for good players to disguise their stats to avoid being focused. And lastly, according to WG statistics, 40% of the players never opened the setting panel, I\’d suppose they are mostly \”play-for-fun\” players.

  5. The way I see it, there will be two types of people interested in hiding their stats. Very good players who don\’t want to be focused, and very bad players, tired of being called on their inability to grasp the game mechanics and tactics.

    Statistically, the ratio of very skilled players to bad players is overwhelmingly on the bad players side. And so, it should be safe to assume a person who does not display any stats, so being anonymised, is in fact a bad player.

    And in the odd event it\’s actually an unicum, you will be able to realise the fact fairly quickly too, even looking at the positioning and later, at the performance.

  6. If they think that this will stop people from trashing other players in game, they obviously aren’t playing matches and paying attention. There are people that don’t have XVM trashing people in game chat also and this won’t stop that. Lemming train – trashed. Yolo – trashed. Sit back on baseline trying to pad stats in a heavy – trashed. Seriously WG, use some logic. Start balancing the teams out player wise and maybe start rewarding people for playing as a team.

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