WoWS – Transfer your account to any region you like! (Excluding RU)

Join the Navy, See the World!

Want to join long-distance friends on another server?

Stuck with an account on a far-off server after moving to another country?

Good news! For a limited time we’re offering the chance to transfer your World of Warships account to another participating server.

Free Server Transfer Offer

Applications Open: Mon. Nov. 18 2:00 AM PT / your local time: Mon. Nov. 18 12:00 PM
Transfers Begin: Mon. Dec. 02 2:00 AM PT / your local time: Mon. Dec. 02 12:00 PM
Applications Close: Mon. Dec. 09 2:00 AM PT / your local time: Mon. Dec. 09 12:00 PM
Transfers End: Tue. Dec. 10 2:00 AM PT / your local time: Tue. Dec. 10 12:00 PM

How to Transfer

  • Login to your current account on the website for your server’s region
  • Find the version of this page on that website
  • Click the Transfer button for the server you want to join.
  • You’ll get an email notification to the account’s email when the transfer is complete
  • Once transferred, you’ll have to download a new version of World of Warships that corresponds with your new region
  • REMEMBER:This is a limited time offer available until Dec. 9!