0 thoughts on “WoT – Tank Academy #5: Light Tanks & Tank Destroyers

  1. The new French Wheeled Cars or Light Tanks ))cough, cough!

    made EVERY other Light Tank in the game obsolete almost overnight with there insane impossible to hit race car speeds ~ and the almost guaranteed close to 100% auto-aim fire on the move at full speed – French Wheeled Lights are the Only LT\’s in todays over power game meta

    so really

    This video is outdated already and so practically useless with the example Light Tanks shown by Ekkaboo

    The scouting advice and info is all good advice from Ekkaboo though

    1. There is exactly TWO overpowered wheeled lights: a tier 8 premium and a tier 10 monstrosity. Other wheeled lights are pretty shit because they don\’t go much faster than normal lights and they have awful viewrange. Just keeping you in touch.

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