WoT EU – Object 244 On Sale



Introduced in the CIS region a few months ago, the Object 244 finally invades Europe. Does it look familiar? Well, one could say this Tier VI vehicle is the brainchild of the first IS and the T-34-85M. This observation isn’t too far for the truth, as this tank is better played as a fully-realised heavy version of the T-34-85, one of the most produced tanks from World War II. Indeed, the Object 244 wears a good armour layout for its tier and remains mobile despite its decent pool of health points. Even better, it has one of the most accurate guns of any Soviet heavy tank, with good handling and decent rate of fire, which makes for its relative lack of punch.

In short, if you enjoy the versatility of the mid-tier Soviet vehicles but wouldn’t say no to a sharpshooting gun and a reliable armour, you’ve found your guy. Add it now through one of the packages below!

Standard – 21.64

  • Object 244
  • 100% crew
  • Garage Slot

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – Object 244 On Sale

  1. If this thing plays in Tier 6 the same way an IS plays in Tier 7, then it\’s going to be a good premium.

    The pricetag however is very debatable, for comparison the Japanese Tiger (itself a Tier 6 premium heavy) costs over 6€ less (15.55 vs 21.64).

  2. Hope it Comes to the US server with that price tag. Had to pass on the WG Bundle fun last time.

  3. Overpriced. It\’s not a kv220.

    Also carful what pros promote…
    Quicky also praised the Chrysler k

    Guess why nobody drives those!
    Perhaps because anything same tier or higher needs apcr…

    Goooood credit maker eh?
    Spending 60k to have a remote chance of pen.

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