WoT 1.7 Test – First Iteration Changes



Today, we launch the first Common Test of Update 1.7. We’re making Crew Directives easier for everyone to obtain, so let’s check it out!

Crew Directives for Credits

Starting with Update 1.7, you can purchase Crew Directives for Credits. Accordingly, these items will no longer be available for Bonds. We’re taking this step to allow a wider range of players to try out Crew Directives by making them more accessible. All players can now easily buy and use them in every battle and increase the combat effectiveness of your vehicles.

Crew Directives work as a 100% trained Perk or Skill, so take advantage of them if your Crew members don’t have Perks/Skills yet. If they have Perks/Skills, Crew Directives boost their effect.

0 thoughts on “WoT 1.7 Test – First Iteration Changes

  1. I mean, is that all? That\’s huge crap. Not that this isn\’t good for casual players (even if realisticaly only premium players can afford at this price) but i NEVER heard anybody complain about. Not even a new map or tank!

  2. lol holy crap I thought the guy in the comments section from the earlier article was joking when they said that this was the entire patch

  3. They have moved over most of the devs to the premium tank creation department because we are all screaming for more of those.

  4. Good and so. But I hope that they will have more to this patch than only this. Double canons. pearl river as a \”new\” map. Ammo changes etc… Is 4 and e100 buff

  5. Yet another attempt at credit sinking. WG has no control over the monster they themselves created methinks.

    Anyway, ok Directives for credits but… can we sell the Directives we already own? You know, from past bundles, marathons and such.

      1. This is a genuine question… Could you shed more light on that statement? I\’d be interested to hear more, cheers. (I\’m not familiar with the comings and goings of WG staff)

        1. Long story short last year/earlier this year WG got a new monetization advisor after some big guys left the company and he is making some questionable choices.

          Selling skins for one is a good one as it\’s just cosmetics and don\’t influence the game, but trying to churn out all the silver from the players so they need to buy premium tanks/account to afford leveling the playing field somewhat is bad in my opinion.

          Back in 2011 when I\’ve started playing I could farm credits with regular Tier V-VI tanks comfortably so I could afford \”competitively\” playing with my Tier VIII-X tanks. I\’m not sure if i could do the same in the current game with crew books, directives, gold ammo for credits, etc. available for credits.

          1. Thanks for the clarification, I understand what you mean. I\’ve not been playing as long as you (on and off since 2014) but it\’s interesting to hear how the game has changed. Fully agree that these new skins hopefully herald a new direction away from premium tanks.

  6. Easier to obtain? They have spammed so many my way via FL etc, that I really don\’t need more. A way to sell most of them I would never use I have 500+ of would be welcome tho.

  7. you can buy it but you can\’t sell on test server
    but 20k for camo 20k for extinguisher and 20k for 6th sense ?
    Are WG doing it for real? 20k is too expensive for casual player 5k for 6th sense should be good

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