Anton Pankov on the Halloween Event Cancellation – Addendum

Thanks to Robopon for translating.

One wotclue commenter posted a screenshot of the events from EU and said “Thank you, Anton! Oh, wait… It’s EU.” And Anton said: “This will be on RU too and even better, to be announced next week.”

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Also Anton said:

“The mode wasn’t ready. Releasing it would mean to fail our players, we can’t allow that. Especially after problems with tank race and ranked battles.”

WoTExpress confirmed it’s actually Anton Pankov.

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          1. People visiting TAP and even bothering to comment are, by definition, devoted players, how can you blame someone for wanting the game to improve? Believe me, he knows about the uninstall option, we all do, and able to decide whether we want to do so without assistance.

            Salty remarks aside, do you have a point? WoT is great as is? WG always right?

  1. So much fuss about this event, like it\’s the biggest WG recent fail. Flops galore, they can almost change name of company to WarFailing, but only one (a minor one IMAO) worthy of recognition and some compensation.

    Gee, thanks, WG, I forgot my old useless prem tanks, my WaffleTrager taken like I didn\’t grind years as a noob to get it while getting killed by WTE100s, all the ammo rework unending fiasco, allowing multiple use of consumables then cutting the discount, ruined Frontlines, wheeled untrackable cancer (ofc, a tank shell to the wheel of a car will only make it go a bit slower, but it locks a tank in place). And someone said arty? And only X4, sure, can\’t allow X5 bonuses.

    WG should make a month of X5 and 75% discount on everything only to break even with the players, then all tanks rebalanced with no bias and problems actually solved.

    1. \”So much fuss about this event\”

      You have to keep in mind Halloween is a major hallmark for WG (dunno for what reason and as a Christian, I could care less), plus this mode allows them to test several concepts that may, in the future, hit the live servers (twin guns, wheelies, etc).

      We all we know WG, specially when it comes to pump the new flavour of the month. However, I can assure you they are just as disappointed as the community, if not more. Specially those who put time into getting the mode to work (regardless of being paid to do so).

      They\’re still human, after all (which I don\’t need to tell you).

    2. Okay, a lot of fluff in your comment, but I’m going to focus on two things.
      How sandbox ammo testing is an “unending fiasco”? It’s something that needs to be done asap and it’s probably the best way they can do it at this point. And it’s going to end at some point and it should be extensively tested beforehand.
      And another thing. How multiple use of consumables is a bad thing? You know that you pay for them only once per battle? And you still have regular 50% discounts. I’m guessing you have no idea how the game works and how game development looks like.

      1. When a problem persists, for years, no matter how hard it\’s sandbox tested – with no solution it\’s a fail. Some day, 2020+, it may turn into an improvement, we all pray for that day.

        There are no 50% discounts on consumables for a long time, only 25, if you would play you would notice.

        So, you say that if I use a repair kit 10 times in a battle, I only pay once? Good to know, if true, it\’s time to admit I was wrong, still, a usual discount would be nice, not like it\’s real money for WG.

        And it\’s not like I don\’t have a positive response, blueprints are great, though I have like 20 german ones I don\’t need at all. Bond shop is finally here, even the two barreled tanks might be interesting.
        Game is improving in some points, but mostly it\’s a fail parade, all late and still usually half-baked, that\’s my personal feeling.

  2. With monstrosities like Obj 279(e) infesting the game from the inside out in ranked, clan wars and random battles ruining tier 10 enjoyment, why can\’t we have the waffle iron returned?.

    One of the CC has a u tube vid on the Foch B with ammo rework, 3k dmg clips.

    Tier 10 needs a hero, and NOT a tank that is impossible to get, takes years to get, and is only available to a select few.

    The hero MUST be a tech tree tank!.

  3. I think the most important point was that he mentions RU, not EU. So short end of a stick for EU once again, WG? We\’re getting used to it by now…

    (Unless I misinterpreted all this somehow.)

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