WoT EU – Slow but Steady: the New Turtle Mk I


There’s a new tank destroyer in town, Commanders!

Meet the Turtle Mk I. As its subtle name suggests, this Tier VIII tank destroyer is pretty slow, but it makes for it with an impressive shell, or in this case, very tough armour, nicely complemented by one of the largest health pools of the tank destroyer class.

Hard as nails, the Turtle is also a real British sharpshooter,  packing an all-round great gun, enhanced by great depression and elevation angles. Sure, the alpha damage isn’t that impressive, but our new vehicle knows that accuracy, rate of fire and aiming time are on its side. So if you’re into mobile fortresses, don’t wait any longer and jump on this opportunity to add a great tank destroyer to your collection.

Supreme – 99.99

Ultimate – 59.99

Standard – 35.78

  • VIII Turtle Mk. I
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

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