World of Tanks – Turtle Mk. 1 Detailed Stats

Tier VIII British Tank Destroyer Turtle Mk. 1 Full stats


Main armament: OQF 55-pdr AT Gun (Gun Caliber 108mm);

Shells  – APCBC/APDS/HE;

Alpha damage  330/330/430;

Penetration values – 224/253/54;

Damage per minute – 2911;

Rate of fire –  8,83 (6,8 s. reload);

Shell velocity – 792 m/s (AP);

Gun accuracy – 0.36;

Aim time – 1.9 s.

Aim circle spread –

  • after shot – 2,88;
  • on turret traverse – 0,1;
  • on tank movement – 0,24;
  • on tank traverse – 0,24;

Gun depression – 10 degrees;


View range – 370;

Camouflage values –

  • Stationary 11,7 %;
  • On movement 8,8 %;


Engine power – 800;

Vehicle traverse speed – 23;

Specific power ratio – 13.3 hp/t;

Maximum speed –

  1. forwards 20 km/h;
  2. backwards 10 km/h;

Terrain resistances –

  • on hard terrain – 1,25;
  • on medium Terrain –1,44;
  • on soft terrain – 2,49;


Hull front / side/ rear – 254/101/76 mm;

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Turtle Mk. 1 Detailed Stats

  1. No, no, no, WG, you\’re doing it all wrong! New premium should be armed with a Derp Gun, all and only HE blaster!!!

  2. 224 pen way too low for a tier 8 TD because it will face tier 9 & 10. It seems better than 8.8 and worse than TS5.

    1. DPM is meant to compensate…
      But yea I get where you\’re coming from, low damage and low pen but only like 500 extra DPM compared to average Tier 8 TD.
      This tank really has to have no or tiny weakspots, otherwise TS-5 will just be straight up better with it already having really good armor.

      1. WTF is this fantasy gun, there were 4, 4.5, 5 and 5.25 guns being worked on at the same time as tortoise why make up a gun, same goes for the 123mm on the tier 10.

        1. the gun is real as was 123mm gun, perhaps you should try studying a bit more than Wikipedia before you gibber on

          1. Where you\’re evidence?

            Are you helping the pluck this fantasy crap out of the clouds? Might as well get the warhammer tanks in the tech tree too.

              1. Do you work for WG I don\’t get why your shilling so hard for their made up bullcrap. Tanks like this shouldn\’t be in the game, 100% pulled out of someone\’s behind.

                1. because im the guy that discovers this stuff by going in the archives and doing the research you tool. so perhaps you should actually try doing the same. the Turtle was an STT project drawn up post WW2 to fulfill a criteria. Just because you have a poor grasp or knowledge on project out there does not mean stuff does not exist. Even Fletcher covered this vehicle back in the days.

              1. Everyone (on TAP) has access to google… took me about 20 maybe 30 sec to find this
       for example

                under \”A new Anti-Tank gun\” (about half way down the page)

                I quote \”The basic requirement was that the weapon should be 25% more effective than the 17-pdr. Initially focus was on the development of a 55-pdr however improvements in 17-pdr ammunition meant that it didn’t offer sufficient advantage whilst providing considerable disadvantages tactically and in handling and stowage of ammunition etc.\”

                But I guess some find it more fun to be a ignorant moron than to actually put in a couple secounds of research.

                1. The guy that originally responded, was going on about Wikipedia. The evidence is some obscure website that\’s about the 40th hit on google. Everyone is apparently supposed to know the ins an out of this stuff or they are ignorant, yet the only evidence is an obscure website or a few sheets of paper in an archive somewhere, who\’s really ignorant. Tbh it\’s the guy who can\’t make the connection between some obscure inaccessible evidence and common knowledge.

                2. well said, yes there is plenty of info out there, esp on 55pdr, and even the more obscure ones 11, 12 pdrs etc. not all people have access to an archive, thats true, but then folks could say ive never heard of a 55pdr, not screech about fake and made up,

  3. Of course, most comments are about whining how weak this tank is.
    We all need OP prems, so we cant play anything BUT those… right?
    Nearly 4000 DPM if you do it right, no weakspots if slightly hulldown, and up to 300armor frontally.

    Unless you go around or above this little monster, it will shoot from corner to corner more than quick enough, the rest is LEARNING TO GIVE LEAD…(srly, some comments are insane)

    We got a tortoise on tier8.
    Lets hope the HE rework will work, otherwise, we get an, even campier game.

    1. I would not mind the low gun if it had at least preferential mm and not see above tier 8 tanks. What are you gonna do in tier 9&10 when you are slow af? Look at 8.8 how good it was and how stupid it is now in tier 9&10 matches.
      I don\’t want OP tanks, but also don\’t sell me this piece of crap at that price. Better buy T34 and penetrate both tier 9&10 rather than this one.

      1. You are aware there is an option to PUT IT ON LIVE STATS …or not?
        4 tabs… the 4th read OPTIONS… base or EFFECTIVE VALUES…

        sooooo this helps a bit… and because of 0.02 accuracy give or take. WHO CARES?
        Same for the rest. The changes are not noteworthy

    2. Its really not significantly different/better than the normal AT-15, and not many people accuse that of being OP.

      Damage and DPM is better, but the armor is worse [and the accuracy, while not bad, is noticeably worse than the AT-15\’s]

    Dez put a video up, which nicely shows how it works for sniping and some life stats.
    I say its the new Pak40… Put it in a bush near the base and gg.

    You won\’t get anywhere fast, so best you can do is hold a corner…
    = your winrate won\’t be exceptional, probably… yet i can\’t see this thing lose money.

    You will always get in your shots before you die.
    Armor and DPM are simply superior. The rest is down to planning (a lot) ahead.

  5. It\’s a total crap tank. 1o times better the AT then this butter tank. And remember that DPM worth nothing. Armor and pen/dmg win (defender and scorpion/su130pm rule) which are the the premium8 more played. Ts5 3rd place

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