WoT Sandbox – HE shell damage changes

All high-explosive shells have the “Average armor penetration” indicator removed except for artillery. Now it is technically 0. However, +-25% RNG remains.

Beware, WG has buffed arty again.

Some highlights of stat changes:
• KV-2 (high-explosive)
– HE shell damage from 910 to 330
– The average armor penetration is 0 on every HE shell.

• T49
– HE shell damage with launcher gun from 910 to 330
– Damage with a second high-explosive shell from 910 to 365

• Panhard EBR 105
– HE shell damage shell from 500 to 180

• Jagdpanzer E 100
– HE shell damage from 1400 to 415

• E 100
– HE shell damage from 950 to 320

• O-Ho
– HE shell damage from 890 to 320

• Type 5 Heavy (high-explosive)
– Damage with main high-explosive shell from 900 to 330
– Damage with a second high-explosive shell from 900 to 365

• FV4005 Stage II
– HE shell damage from 1750 to 480
– Removed the second high-explosive shell: 182.9 mm HE HESH Mk. 1

• T110E3
– HE shell damage from 1100 to 345

• Object 268
– HE shell damage from 1100 to 330

• Object 268 Option 4
– HE shell damage from 840 to 330

• Strv 103B
– HE shell damage from 480 to 170

• IS-7
– HE shell damage from 640 to 230

• Object 261
– HE shell damage from 900 to 1000

• T92 HMC
– HE shell damage from 1300 to 1440

0 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox – HE shell damage changes

    1. I would like to know aswell… I mean, if I\’m not mistaken, penetration also affects the damage when you only splash a tank. I might be wrong hereh, but if you hit a plate with 100mm of armor (with the KV-2 HE current shells -> 86mm of pen) it will make more damage that it would do to a 200mm plate.
      So with 0 pen how the heck would it work? Always minimum damage?

    2. The way I see it, is that as long as it\’s not spaced armor or tracks, you\’re gonna do damage. I really, really hope that they will listen and not just implement this next Friday or sth.

    3. Nothing. They can\’t penetrate, that\’s it. The damage of HE to your tank isn\’t in relation to the penetration

      1. Yea now a medium tank can auto aim your heavy and do damage. There goes hull down and sidescraping all skill will be taken out of shooting HE . As they said in the article they want to make HE always do damage no matter what or where it hits you . gg if this goes in the game its going to be the final nail in the coffin for wot. Quickybaby checked and everyone agrees there these changes are really really bad for the game. Will mean more HE shot bc every tank will now be able to use HE consistently and more premium ammo bc those tanks like the kv 2 and su 152 witch relied on HE are now shoot premium ap and premium heat.

    4. easy every shot has a pen Difference of +25 or -25 (the same with damage… most people don\’t know that) so a Perfect roll of 25 Pen is what you really want.

      1. Dude what are you smoking. +25% – 25% not just solid 25 lol. HE always does damage unless it hits spaced armour.

    5. It means they will do HE damage even with small caliber more often. Yes a few tanks will lose there HE alpha but every tank will gain the ability to do more HE damage to any tank, so ie more HE SPAM from every noob in any tank

    1. Remember that the first stage of the current arty nerf we got started the same. As with low alpha and 1mm of HE pen, and they worked their way up. Nothing is final yet.


    First they made the FV4005 unplayable and now they are removing the only saving grace from the vehicle.

    There goes their lies of \”We\’re currently testing a system in which the mechanics for dealing damage will be calculated more fairly and become more predictable, both for the player who inflicts it and for the tank hit by a HE shell.\”

    What are they trying to achieve with destroying the HE shells? With 0 penetration and minimal damage they might as well just remove HE shells from the game, they won\’t even be useful for resetting the cap.

    1. I always preferred AP on the FV4005. And you\’re assuming there are no mechanics changes. As it is now, 0 pen on HE would mean zero damage dealt, so there\’s probably new mechanics for tank HE.

  2. KV2 20 secs reload for 330? Minus damage drop off for not penetrating? Then it\’s better to use other gun…

      1. They left arty the same way with AP and HEAT. So I doubt it. You could same the same for the EBR and his HE shells and alpha. Question is rather what about the KV-2\’s AP alpha? If that goes down, the reload goes too. If not, then you have a 20 sec reload, and more alpha with AP. That\’s even more dumb.

  3. What? Does it mean that there will be no more one-shot kill from KV2, T49, and FV4005 anymore?? For me, the only thing that sounds good here only the EBR nerf.

  4. Why not just removing HE from tanks then, thats basically what they are doing anyway.
    No one will ever use HE if it does less than 1/2 the damage of AP, in best case scenario.

    Although WG probably has something more in mind, they\’re not THAT stupid… right?

    1. I think the idea is to make the HE damage more consistent. They probably are changing the way tank and TD HE works by removing the pen vs amror calculation and just applying damage directly.

  5. What the actual FUCK is this? Like seriously…….
    Even *MORE* importance on heavy armor in a game which already favors heavy armor massively…..

    All you need to do is remove HESH shells from the 183mm guns.

    1. \”All you need to do is remove HESH shells from the 183mm guns.\”

      Yeah, no. That\’s the only good thing about those vehicles. WG have nerfed them to death already.

      1. exactly . Really a shame wargaming has no clue about there own game as Raptor and Quickybaby said. Nefing HE on a few tanks but making it so all tanks can spam HE effectively is crazy. So reward the HE spamming noobs by letting them consistently do damage with HE. GEEZUS WG

    2. Wth have u been smoking? Favours armor? U played any heavy on the last few years? Everyone just load Gold and rapes you, no matter the tank… Maus, is7 whatever… And if they cant penn u, they just load He a f@ck you again,try angling a maus against a jpze100 or a jagtiger or an e4 shooting HE to see how good that goes…

      1. And that…is exactly the consequence of WG removing weak spots and buffing overall frontal/turret armor profiles the \’last few years\’.

        Before 2016 premium ammo spam was not near such a problem vs now.
        But the Steves complained about their heavy toy tanks getting penned all the time, in the weak spots, because Steve didn\’t understand angling or what weak spots were.
        So (under Murazor) when tanks got changed to HD models, WG in their wisdom started removing weak spots, buffing armor and gifting gun depression degree left and right.
        Most new armored content that followed, followed this exact design philosophy, idem for reworks (obj268v4?).

        People are mostly simple solution creatures, so what do they do…the exact thing you just described and we are in today\’s WoT.

  6. Seems pretty in-line to me with the upcoming changes and WG\’s ideas .

    The shell \”rebalance\” is nothing more than a new way to increase revenue on WG\’s side. In the overarmored-meta, everyone isn\’t shooting gold because it is such easy to pen your opponent with, no, you do it most of the time because you otherwise CAN\’T pen him at all. By increasing the HP on each tank while leaving gold untouched in terms of price and damage, people will just need to shoot more and more to wield their opponent down, thus making more and more losses each battle -> more prem-time needed, more FL spamming, more credit boosters sold, check, while all this damage-buffed AP shells rot in the dumpster, because they still can\’t pen all those 430U/T95 weakspots, kappa.

    Reducing HE effectiveness will even increase the gold spam, not reduce it anyhow. And with less HE damage, Arty will survive more shots at the end of the battle, too.

    I guess WG wants to kill WoT fast, otherwise all these \”idea\” recently can\’t be explained….

    1. EXACTLY AND QUICKYBABY PROVED IT ON HIS STREAM . Gold spam will go up and more noobs will spam HE out of all there tanks now if the changes go threw as they have them now.

  7. What in the hell is going on?!
    0 PEN?
    Reduce alpha by 2/3????
    Remove premium shells on FV4005?
    Arty gain alpha?!

    1. The damage will be constant, so KV-2 with 330 alpha will do 330 +/- 25% if it hit. This is the only way they do what they have said. But in my opinion it will be a big retard thing to do, armor tank would always take damage even in side scrap position

  8. let me get my calculator and check the penetration range for 0mm +/- 25% …
    so, HE will be exclusively about the sound effects and shooting at open-topped vehicles?

  9. \”All high-explosive shells have the “Average armor penetration” indicator removed except for artillery. Now it is technically 0. However, +-25% RNG remains.\”

    Wait… so 0 alpha +25%… oh that\’s ok then, because 0x1.25= 0 anyways wtf.
    Come on WoT Patrol, who made this joke? lol

  10. Ok, so they\’ve set the penetration to 0 (which basically means according to the HE formula that the damage will be halved) and ON TOP OF THAT they\’ve also reduced the HE damage with more than half? They must have changed the HE formula aswell because this is completely retarded otherwise.
    And I\’m not sure what they want to acheive with all these changes if they still insist on keeping a more expensive version of ammo called \”special ammo\”. All ammo should cost the same, until they do that, nothing will change.

    1. From what I gathered from the other article, they are fully reworking whole HE formula.
      So the 0 value is only there as placeholder, it does nothing and will not be used in calculating damage.
      But what the end result (damage infliction) will be…no clue. IMO WG’s article about it did not paint a very clear picture of it from which you could say X = Y.

  11. This is a MASSIVE BIGGEST BUFF EVER to those incredibly stronk russian tank turrets, from tier 8-10.

    Russian medium and heavy tanks just became impossible to kill, when they only exposing turret in those maps that are made perfectly for them to hide their hulls.

  12. Wargaming kills the tanks where you have fun, like the FV4005 480 damage for 22 seconds of reloading … The JagdPanzer E 100 is fun at the HE but no nerves what a good idea …
    The pen of HE to 0 is really ridiculous.
    The 4005 750-900 damage on any type of tank OK.
    The JagdPanzer E 100 500 damage to the OK HE.
    The KV-2 400 alpha to the ET seems pretty good.
    The Panhard EBR 105 + 100 Penetration to the HE is normal to pen a lot of tank in the back so the alpha 500 are deserved in fact.
    Do not touch the HE in fact it\’s completely ridiculous.
    Just down on some tank but stopped nerve at all because of players not happy.
    Nerf is stupid.

  13. OOOO


    NOW THE HE DAMAGE IS A SURE DEAL …YOU SHOOT (WITH kv-2 ) AND DO 330HP OF DAMAGE FOR SURE! — It wil be a very good ammo. shot = damage!


    1. Sure good ammo. Now if I shoot with KV-2 I do at least 500 damage per shot. If these changes go live I will do 300.

    2. no komrad…is nothing guaranteed about this 330 dmg
      read with increased attention 🙂
      Thats only the average new damage…and to this new damage is applied that formula of HE dmg reduction when it meets armor.
      With other words…you will do 50-100 damage with a 330 avg gun and pen chance is 0.

  14. they may change formula to calculate dmg with he , something like dmg = listed value-armour thickness-spallliner

  15. Anything with a derp gun will be useless so there goes a few tanks…. it sounds like HE will have guaranteed damage? idk how that will work,

  16. OMFG!

    I sincerely hope WG doesn\’t got through with this.

    Happy Derp is the only thing keeping me in the game.

  17. this is just…miserable !

    What will do tanks like KV2, OI, T49?? FVs ???

    is this a bad joke or im semiblind??..

  18. “Beware, WG has buffed arty again.“ – BUFFED ARTY ? Where does it say that ? And what do you mean by “again“ ? Arty has been nerfed and nerfed and nerfed again for YEARS.

  19. Derp guns are dead, armor is dead
    If this goes through it\’s game over unless you\’re a clicker

  20. Pls remove this article, it is highly misleading by leaving out very important information.
    1. The arty dmg is proportional to the HP buff in effect on the sandbox, so it is the same in % of hp
    2. The HESH is removed becuase they only want to test normal HE rounds (so excluding HESH which have the feature of higher pen where no pen would obviously negate their purpose and arty has the stun and splash radius tied together which they just changed one variable of and they didnt get to it yet.)
    3. The dmg mechanic of HE has been fudamentally changed, they did not just “set the pen to 0“
    anyone coming here for info, PLEASE read the actual post by warcaming on the sandbox server from 17.10. (the day this article was published, talking about rushing to be the first to report and not caring about integrity)

    1. Dude they just took the pen away . Now smaller caliber guns will do HE damage more consistently . Read that statement a few times to see how stupid that is . Wargaming wants to make it so HE never does not do damage . So any idiot can auto aim your tank and do HE damage . We are losing the few HE tanks to gain the ability for every tank to use more HE . And wot dose not need more HE spam from tanks that are not ment to spam HE ie smaller caliber guns witch these changes will buff the most . So they want a t62a and patton KR to do HE damage always and consistently LOL . Also as quickybaby showed on his stream all the ammo changes have led to more premium ammo shot . Bc now all the HE shooters in kv 2 or su 152 are going to spam premium ap and heat and this is just 2 tanks. And any buffs to arty is crazy no matter how small. 9 out of 10 people want arty removed or as wargaming even agreed going to more single arty per side games whenever possible . People are sick of arty and sick of noobs spamming premium ammo and HE out of small caliber guns and all these changes will increase gold ammo spam , HE spam , and the effectiveness of arty witch almost no one wants.

  21. In order to save the disgraceful and impossible to balance class known as artillery, WG will piss all over the game, especially tanks that rely on HE. Nice.

  22. Im still waiting for wargaming to show proof that the community wants the premium ammo changes. I saw the forums most players by far wanted premium ammo nerfed not ap buffed . Also the gold spammers even agreed these changes will not stop them from spamming premium ammo not one round. Wargaming is listening to 2 NA CCs who always agree with them and its causing huge issues.

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