World of Tanks Sandbox – Iteration 3 (HE shell nerf)

A big update was rolled into the Sandbox, you can already download it. Sandbox is exclusively available through Wargaming Game Client.

We look forward to tonight (if everything goes well!) with a rebalance (nerf) of high-explosive shells.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox – Iteration 3 (HE shell nerf)

    1. if they don’t increase the HP pool they have to reduce damage, and no, HE does not need a buff however it also makes no sense for penetrating hits with HE to do around the same dmg AP does, it makes sense to reduce damage caused on non-penetrations but not on penetrations

  1. Only issue I ever have with HE, with the exception of not causing insane damage on soft skin vehicles, is that HE barely, if ever works on EBRs, which is supposed to be the perfect counter to.
    EBRs destroy the game more than everything else including Arty.

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