WoT Supertest – ST-II nerfs

2nd iteration of the double cannon tanks are here, and our friends at WG thought that the ST-II was a tiny touch too good, so decided to nerf it.

• Gun reload time (1/2): 11.25 / 11.25 sec. (did not change, just here for comparison)
• Preparation time of a volley shot: 2.5 sec. (did not change)
• Recharge lock time: from 5 to 3 seconds.
• Barrel change time (in order to fire a shell from other barrel): from 3 to 5.5 seconds.

0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – ST-II nerfs

      1. Not even that. I\’m starting to wonder if ruski tanks can be nerfed in the first place, or if the no-nerf policy applies to techtree tanks, not just premiums.

  1. look up the definition of nerf in the dictionary, there’s two results:
    nerf (western): reduction, retardation, weakening, increase in pathetic wretchedness.
    nerf (russian): non-existent, actually a buff, pretend, charlatan, fake, distraction from the real issue.

  2. This isn’t a nerf, it just boosted the DPM and completely stepped away from being in any shape or form similar to an auto-loader. A good change.

      1. They clearly made it 5.5, so that the “DPM-penalty“ for having the luxury of a second shot is exactly the same for using either the double shot or the autoreloader-shot. (If you count the preperation time towards that “penalty“)

        Before that change the double shot was completely useless in 90% of cases, now it is a valid option so its kind of a good change.

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