IS-3-II Ingame Pictures

6 thoughts on “IS-3-II Ingame Pictures

  1. Considering the amount of in battle time wasted camping on heavy tank map corners, thanks to invisible 1000+ HP smacking TDs and the SPGs we all love and hate, the reload time is not going to be an issue, fire, reverse, camp until reloaded, and repeat.

    I look forward to these russian death machines.
    WG will see a massive increase in russian tech tree grinding, that’s for sure, that they can gloat their statistics about.

    The turret armour on this Is3 II looks crazy, no stinking german commanders hatch on these far far superior tanks.


  2. Can anyone tell me who wants these or why dual-gun Tanks are important for the game? WG should rebalance more tanks instead of throwing these wet commie dreams in the game. Wheeled Vehicles? Nope they’re fine, Object 430U? Nope it’s fine, Chieftain? Nah it’s not that good…german Heavy or american heavy and E4 buff? Нет these tonks are already OP, take these new soviet paper tanks to defeat capitalist T110E5 and big bad E100, for the motherland!


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