World of Tanks – Twitch Prime set for November


This one will be named “Juliett”.

All that is know for now is that the rentals are the Chinese M41D and some kind of American tank). There are many options regarding the American one.

We should expect the next commander, judging by the name of the set, to be a female.

And that is about it.

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    1. They never gave out care package rentals for tier 6 tanks before. Typically, there are one t7 and one t8 per box (although we did have a couple of ’em with 2 tier 8s). Following that logic, it’s either the M41D or the 59 Patton (if that one’s Taiwanese; I don’t really know tbh)

      1. Except: Dicker Max, AC4, Strv twice, HT 6
        Not including care package charlie as I can’t find it’s contents right now. But you get the point I think…

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