WoT Twitch Prime pack “India” – Reward style

“Conventional” style – An all-season style issued to participants in a special promotion.

This is the 2nd unique style of Twitch Prime (Live). The opportunity to get it will be in the 9th set of “India” (India) for October 2019.

0 thoughts on “WoT Twitch Prime pack “India” – Reward style

  1. That’s it?
    just another camo ‘style’ that’s special – just the 1 single item for Twitch Prime India (is it April 1st?
    must be more to India! than this token gesture its looking like the weakest and rubbish offering so far
    expect almost zero interest or participation if this is all it is.
    count me out for sure (as it is at this time

    1. It\’s just a camo preview, like any other new camo TAP covers. There\’s the usual free commander, emblems, 5x missions, blueprint reward missions, and other stuff too.

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