WoT EU – Get the Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC with the Festival Fair today



Australia is known for its dangerous animals, surfers, and also a great variant of the Centurion tank: the Mk. 5/1 RAAC. Deployed in Vietnam, this tank had to adapt to the local jungle. However, in World of Tanks, it’s free to use its versatility. If you’re into adaptable tanks, this Tier VIII is definitely a must-have, which packs mobility, strong frontal armour and an accurate gun. Try out this mix right now thanks to the Festival Fair.

Hot Deal – 54.99
Fresh Deal – 36.78

In-game Deal

  • VIII Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC
  • 15 missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

Price: 7,600 Gold