Wargaming teams up with Southern Regional College to deliver lectures about key video games topics

Wargaming has teamed up with the Southern Regional College in Portadown, Northern Ireland, to provide a series of key video games lectures to students enrolled at the Northern Irish Higher Education institution.

Starting with the new academic year, the lectures will be delivered by senior Wargaming employees from the core St. Petersburg (Russia) studio about various critical aspects of game development, including Big Data Analytics, 3D Modelling and Software Testing.

“I never expected that a post of mine on the World of Warships’ forums would result in this unique collaboration,” said Stephen Little, IT Course Coordinator at the Southern Regional College. “Wargaming has been very forthcoming. What started as helping to craft realistic assignments for our students has moved to a series of insightful lectures. I know our students are very much looking forward to what Wargaming will present in the coming sessions.”   

A team of ten Wargaming St. Petersburg’s experts will hold remote lectures on theory and methodology, as well as setting tasks with real-world application that will be fully incorporated into the students’ curriculum.

At Wargaming, we have made an effort to go beyond only making games,” said Artur Plociennik, World of Warships’s Executive Producer. “That’s why this partnership with the Southern Regional College is such a meaningful endeavour, not only for us as a publisher and developer, but also for the video games industry and the academic world as a whole. By shining a light on the art of video game making, we really hope to engage the student with these in-depth lectures. Hopefully, our team will help teach them critical insights and skills that will enable them to further pursue their passion.

Wargaming is actively investing in educating the next generation of video games professionals by supporting various educational initiatives with universities, colleges, and academies across the globe. The World of Warships developer organises the WG Academy in Russia for instance, as well as hosting guided excursions to the company’s headquarters in Saint Petersburg every month.

Source: Gamasutra