World of Tanks – Battle on Kraftwerk in Frontline: Episode 8!


The eighth episode of Frontline 2019 is just around the corner! Don’t miss the chance to experience epic 30v30 battles, win heaps of rewards, and join the race for formidable reward tanks!

Tank Festival
EVENT: Event Begins: Event Ends:
Frontline 2019: Episode 8 Monday, September 16
04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET
Monday, September 23
01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET

We also have news concerning the next Frontline Episode. The ninth Episode takes place October 16, 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET until October 23 at 01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET.

Load up on shells, bring your friends! This penultimate Episode for the 2019 season begins a new chapter in the mode: An epic new map, Kraftwerk, is entering the mix!

The new map’s setting is winter in the suburbs of a post-World War II Central European city. Here, you can battle it out in open patches with complex terrain, small towns, the ruins of old castles, a power station, a quarry, and lots of other settings.

The real highlight of the map is the array of huge military bunkers in which you can also fight. We’re sure battles underground will be just as fierce as on the surface!

Kraftwerk has an impressive soundtrack conveying a tense military plot. At first, the music resembles the sounds of footsteps of soldiers sneaking in the snow, as if approaching an enemy. Gradually, the melody intensifies, becomes more epic and dramatic, and then finally we hear a huge army rushing into attack with a brave battle cry. Check it out!

Compared to the existing Frontline map, Kraftwerk has more variety, with a larger number of urban buildings. There are six zones (bases) to defend or capture, and there are five large Pillboxes (the main targets) for the attackers to destroy.

  • The first line of defense: Chiefly made up of city blocks with some open passages and approaches. Expect close- to mid-range fighting here.
  • The second line of defense: Less urban, featuring large terrain folds at the flanks that favor bold and swift moves to take the best tactical positions. The power plant at the center is a true redoubt, being one of the most densely built-up parts of the map.
  • The last line (the zone with primary targets): Has a mixed landscape with varied terrain shapes. Here, there are military bunkers so large you can enter them to outmaneuver your adversaries or to fight them inside.
Note: A map for Frontline is nine times larger than a map for Random Battles, so it requires more development effort. It is possible that according to the results of the run in Episode 8, we’ll have to remove Kraftwerk from the map pool for some time to improve and update it.

With the release of Kraftwerk, the original Frontline map will also remain, so you can get matched on both.

Even More Reserves!

In this episode, you will again have the opportunity to boost your progress thanks to Personal Reserves. They are activated in standard slots for Personal Reserves in your game client.

Just like the last time, you can get a maximum of 20 Reserves — 10 for completing special combat missions a week before the start of the Episode, and 10 available in the in-game shop for Gold. The cost of one Reserve in the shop is still 250 Gold.

What will happen to Reserves when the Season’s over?

All unused Reserves will be saved for the following Episodes. If you still have Personal Reserves at the end of the entire 2019 Season, we’ll compensate you the full cost of those purchased for Gold. For example, if you have 10 Reserves left, and 5 of them were purchased for Gold, we will refund the full cost of 5 Reserves at the end of the Season. All unused free Reserves will disappear.

Note: If you have both purchased and free Reserves in your vault, and you used both of them during the Season, then we consider you spent the free ones first. For example, if you five (5) purchased and five (5) free Reserves, and you spent five (5) of them, then we will assume you only used the free ones. Therefore, we’ll refund the full cost of five (5) Reserves.

The AE Phase I: A Battle Star is Arising!

Starting from Episode 8, the most skillful Frontline players will be able to grab the unique AE Phase I, a U.S.A. Tier IX heavy tank with four segmented tracks and well-sloped armor.

This is a versatile heavy vehicle that can carry a team. Just like most American tanks, it has a solid bouncy turret, and boasts an accurate gun with good vertical gun angles and penetration values. The AE Phase I can easily operate as a front-line brawler or stay between the first and the second lines of attack, supporting its allies as a menacing flanker.

This heavy tank features a free built-in Large Repair Kit consumable, which occupies one of the slots on the Consumable Panel of your vehicle. This free Large Repair Kit doesn’t take the consumable slot permanently — you can swap it with other consumables (such as a First Aid Kit). In battle, it works just like a regular Large Repair Kit but with a passive bonus of +15% to the module repair speed instead of the usual +10%. After the battle, it will be automatically refilled, free of charge.

Finally, you can move crews from other top-Tier American heavy tanks into the AE Phase I to train them faster without penalty.

Note: Don’t forget Episode 8 is an integral part of the Tank Festival. In addition to consumables, Gold, Bonds, and other Frontline rewards, you can earn Tickets to customize your Dog Tag.

Good luck in the next Episodes of Frontline, Commanders! Push for victory and claim your well-deserved unique vehicles and other rewards!